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We aim to make Steyning, Bramber and Upper Beeding the greenest and most sustainable community in the UK. We have an inspiring vision for 2030 and are already well on our way to making that vision a reality.

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We are an active group, working to create a sustainable future for our local area. Read and watch the full story.

Plastic trigger heads being recycled at the Farmers Market in Steyning

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From recycling to insulation, we aim to help everyone find the way towards a greener lifestyle.

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Interested in becoming a volunteer or attending a social event? You can join Greening Steyning at any level.

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The White Bridge Link

The White Bridge Link

An exciting new project to link up Steyning, Bramber & Beeding Would you like your kids to cycle safely to school?  Is your bike getting rusty in the shed? Does the idea of getting a bit more active outdoors appeal?  And would you appreciate being able...

2023 Climate Action Tracker results

2023 Climate Action Tracker results

The results of the 2023 Climate Action Tracker Survey are in, and they make encouraging reading.  They show that change is afoot and that a sizeable number of people are taking action to address both the climate crisis and the energy price crunch. It’s the second time...

2022: The Year in Numbers

2022: The Year in Numbers

As we wind down for Xmas we thought we’d celebrate all we’ve achieved together in 2022 by sharing some of the headline numbers for the year.  We hope you agree it’s an impressive story!  And all thanks to the combined efforts of a whole army of volunteers...

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How Greening Steyning Works

Greening Steyning consists of four action groups who campaign and work creatively to bring about solutions for the local community in the following areas;

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