Interested in getting involved? 

If you’d like to get involved but only have limited time, don’t worry – you can still make a difference!

We have a variety of projects going on that need just a little of your time in exchange for a lot of fun. Some projects are long-term, some short. Some are active on a weekly basis and others just once or twice a year.

You can hear from our volunteers in their own words below describing some of the benefits they have experienced through volunteering with Greening Steyning.

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Volunteer helping at the Steyning Community Fridge

“A major benefit is working with both the clients and my fellow repairers. Some objects can be fixed at the cafe but often they need to be dismantled at home, a diagnosis made and parts bought. A key aspect is keeping the owner informed which make for more human interaction. Using skills that I developed when young for the benefit of others is a satisfying experience for me at the same time as providing a much needed service to others in the community.”

Brendan Whelan – BN44 Repair Cafe

“I am a community Fridge volunteer. I love the concept of saving food from being wasted and benefitting the community. I have really enjoyed meeting lots of new people even though I have lived in Steyning for many years. Through his activities at the  community fridge my husband Guy was asked to volunteer at the repair café and has a great time every month carrying out various tasks with Robin and the team.

What I like most about the community fridge role is the flexibility. You don’t have to commit to specific days and times. It is a wonderful group of people who always help each other. I’m also pleased that the fridge has given volunteering opportunities to young people who are working towards their Duke of Edinburgh Award.”

Isabelle Standen – Community Fridge

“I find this voluntary role very fulfilling. I usually do the collections with a very good friend and if he is unavailable, sometimes my wife. It is satisfying to know that the food collected (still viable but not saleable), that would otherwise go to landfill is made available for anyone to benefit from. It is a classic win- win; the supermarket saves the cost of disposal, the amount of good food going to landfill is reduced and people can make savings on their overall food bill.

Personally, I have found volunteering with GS very beneficial. You meet and get to know many more people in the local area. You feel a bit more connected and I enjoy the camaraderie of the other volunteers in the group. This may have been anticipated but what I didn’t expect was the frequent sightings of urban foxes when doing the  evening collections. Brilliant!”

Andrew Williams – Community Fridge

“My wife and I became involved & started volunteering while at work. Now we’ve retired I can do much more – I run & advertise the GYSADays. I help at the Repair Café events. But my main task is the early morning setting up of the Greening recycling stall at the Farmers’ Market. I then staff the stand along with the rest of the team, and then collect up all the recycling for distribution at the end of the morning. The following week I distribute to to the recycling sorters at Horsham and Upper Beeding School.

The greatest pleasure is meeting and talking to people  – both the general public, other members of  Greening Steyning, as well the team in Horsham. I have gathered a knowledge about where the recycling goes, and the uses to which it is put. I have also learnt a great deal about fixing things!”

Pete Greenland – Recycling

I volunteer at the Repair Cafe, in the Textiles department, altering clothes, replacing zips, patching tears, and mending knitted garments.

I enjoy doing a repair to the best of my ability, and thanks to YouTube have picked up several useful little repair tricks. The best things about volunteering at the Repair Cafe for me are the appreciation of the customers, and my gratitude for the wonderful repairs I’ve had done by other departments.”

Patta Tolputt – BN44 Repair Cafe

“I’ve recently joined the Repair Café team helping out with clothing and textile repairs and alterations. It’s great to be able to do something I enjoy and give others a helping hand. The repairs can sometimes be challenging but the experience of those who have sewn for years coupled with innovative problem solving means that we can usually meet all needs.

The team are good company and it’s been great to work alongside like-minded people enjoying and sharing their passion.

The hall is always buzzing during a Repair Café. I’ve been fascinated by the range of skills and experience the volunteers have in repairing all sorts of items. There is real talent amongst the team so there’s always a chance to learn. Because the ‘customers’ can watch the experts at work, they can go away with the skill to repair for themselves.  ‘Customers’ are genuinely thrilled when they see a household item brought back to life!”

Maggie Patching – BN44 Repair Cafe

“My volunteering role is as a member of the Repair Cafe, helping people who bring in broken or sluggish watches and clocks in the hope that new life can be breathed into them.

I enjoy the camaraderie of the monthly “get togethers” with the other volunteers, and really love the challenge of bringing a non-running watch or clock back to life for the owner and saving a potentially serviceable item from being scrapped. This is especially satisfying when the item has great sentimental value for the owner too.

 I never imagined the degree of satisfaction which results from getting a cherished old watch or clock running sweetly again for its owner. It is much more than just saving a good timepiece from the scrapheap, as so often there is an emotional backstory about it as well, evidencing why it means so much to the owner, and why they are so grateful to have it working again. I do find it quite therapeutic to fix something so small, but which can mean so much.”

Ian Swindells