BN44 Community Fridge

BN44 Community Fridge

Fighting Food Waste & Saving Money Fresh free food - twice a week! We are excited to launch the BN44 Community Fridge. With the aim of cutting food waste, we will collect food that has just passed its sell by date but is still good to eat and give it away FREE to...

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Sun 2 Oct – Give Your Stuff Away Day

Sun 2 Oct – Give Your Stuff Away Day

Your junk could be someone else's treasure! Give Your Stuff Away Day is a great way of passing on those items hanging around in your shed or closet that you no longer need, but which someone else would love.   Just leave unwanted items in a neat pile outside your home...

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Sat 15 Oct: Climate Café

Sat 15 Oct: Climate Café

Climate Cafe:  10.30-12.00 at the Castle Inn Hotel, Bramber Now a regular event on the 3rd Saturday of most months, the Climate Cafe at the Castle offers a warm and inclusive space, to share friendship and mutual support, for those holding questions and deep concerns...

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Previous events

22 Sept 2022: Green Drinks – Surviving the Energy Price Crunch

Our first face-to-face Green Drinks for ages, this was a special event designed for everyone who’s worried about sky rocketing energy bills.  We laid out the main options for cutting energy bills – low cost measures, home insulation, solar panels, and heat pumps. We also explained what grants available including the new Warmer Homes grant scheme that is aimed at those who are struggling most with draughty homes and modest incomes.  You can see the presentation here.

People were invited to sign up for a session at our Home Energy Helpdesk so they can talk through their individual situation with one of our volunteers.

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5 Sept 2022: Launch of Community Fridge

We were excited to launch the BN44 Community Fridge. This new twice-weekly event aims to cut food waste and help with tight budgets.  We collect food that has just passed its sell by date but is still good to eat and give it away FREE to anyone who will make good use of it.  Click here for all the details.


community fridge logo

10 Sept 2022: Green Swap Shop

Our first ever clothing swap shop was a big success.  In partnership with St Barnabas House, we invited people to Beeding Village Hall to exchange items of clothes. The formula worked a treat.  Visitors were asked to bring 5 items of preloved clothing/accessories in good condition – pay £5 – and choose 5 items to go home with.  We hope to repeat it in the New Year.

swap shop image

Summer 2022: Nature walks

We organised a series of four delightful nature walks exploring some the less well know wildlife havens in and around Steyning, Bramber & Beeding.  It covered Bramber Brooks, St Mary’s House Gardens, The Mumbles, the Rifle Range, and the St Andrews to Abbey Road nature corridor.  The walks drew on what we’ve learned from the ambitious Nature Mapping exercise we conducted in 2022, charting the habitats and nature hot spots in the area and the vital wildlife corridors that connect them.


bramber brooks

3 July 2022:  Give Your Stuff Away Day – the third of the year.  Details here.

28 May 2022: Green Day

The 2022 Steyning Festival kicked off with a spectacular green bang on 28 May with a hugely successful ‘Green Day’ festival co-organised by Greening Steyning.  There was a full-sized inflatable whale, a joyful children’s parade, an EV & e-Bike parade and showcase, and loads of stalls and demos covering all things green.  

Here’s a summary of what went on.  For more photos from the day, check out the Green Day Facebook Album.

brave adventurers entering the whale

3 April 2022:  Give Your Stuff Away Day – the third of the year.  Details here.

3 Feb 2022: Green Books with Paul Hannam

For the first in our spring series of Green Books, we spoke with our own Paul Hannam about his Sunday Times and Amazon bestseller book ‘The Wisdom of Groundhog Day’​.

In the book Paul explains how and why we get trapped in our versions of Groundhog Day, when we repeat the same routines, habits, thoughts, feelings and behaviours day after day.

Paul connects ecology, the social sciences, environmental science, psychology and spirituality to explain how we have created our own “Global Groundhog Day” that we need to transform as soon as possible!  You can see a recording of the talk here.

paul hannam green books

31 January 2022:  Green Drinks What’s your 2022 climate action plan? + AGM: We met up online via Zoom for our AGM followed by breakout room sessions and a discussion focused on our recently launched “Climate Action Tracker” Survey​, which asks what steps you have taken in the past year to reduce your carbon and ecological footprint, and what you plan to do in 2022​.

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9 January 2022:  Give Your Stuff Away Day – the first one of the year.

2 Dec 2021: Green Books with Hannah Malcolm

For the last in our autumn series of Green Books, we spoke with Hannah Malcolm, theologian, environmentalist, and editor of the book ‘Words for a Dying World: Stories of Grief and Courage from the Global Church’.

We spoke with Hannah on some fascinating topics such as climate anxiety, climate grief, spirituality, climate change in vulnerable countries and the role of the church. You can see a recording of the talk here.

hannah malcolm green books final

20 Nov 2021: Climate Cafe

With a friendly warm welcome from the Castle Inn Hotel our team had a very encouraging start to the Climate Cafe with lots of positive feedback from those who gathered there. Everyone brought their own experience of meeting the climate crisis from a personal perspective, whilst appreciating a wider context to green issues. Since the focus of the Climate Cafe was primarily on being aware of how we feel rather than exchanging information, we evolved into a friendly circle, sharing our sense of interconnectedness in nature, our hopes, aspirations and deep concerns, freely and openly.


18 Nov 2021: Green Books with Jeremy Williamsjeremy williams green books fb

For the November Green Books event, we teamed up with our friends at Fairer World Lindfield to talk to author and activist Jeremy Williams about his important and challenging new book: “Climate Change: Race, privilege and the struggle for climate justice”. Jeremy spoke about the connection between climate and race as well as what can be done to bring about climate justice. You can see a recording of the talk here.

video title slide6 Nov 2021:  Day of Action Climate March: we helped organise the ‘biggest local march since the Normans’ to send a message to world leaders at the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow that – in the words of the song we sang together:  “We need to build a better future, and we need to start right now!”   It was truly uplifting event, with over 400 people converging on Bramber Castle for the rally.  We have some fantastic video footage from the day, and some wonderful photos.  You can see them all here.

27 Oct 2021:  Green Drinks Social Night:  We met up at Beeding Village Hall for an informal and long-overdue social evening, with delicious home-made Syrian food cooked by a local Syrian family.

23 Oct 2021:  Repair Café – our third in the series.  33 items were repaired, either on the day or subsequently, and 69 items were sharpened.

green books henry mance

7 October 2021: Green Books with Henry Mance 

For the first in our autumn series of Green Books, we spoke to award-winning Financial Times journalist, Henry Mance, about his new book “How to love animals in a human-shaped world”, which explores our relationship with animals and what it would take not just to think like animal-lovers, but to act like animal-lovers.  You can see a recording of the talk here.

3 October 2021:  Give Your Stuff Away Day – the last one of the year.

18 Sept 2021:  Repair Café – our second in the series, attracted an even bigger audience. 26 items were repaired on the day, and 8 subsequently.  Plus 85 items were sharpened.

rampion thumbnail

7 Sept 2021: Latest Plans for Rampion 2 – A fascinating talk by Chris Tomlinson, Development & Stakeholder Manager for the Rampion 2 project.  Chris spoke about the latest plans for the new phase of the Rampion project which will quadruple the output of the windfarm.  You can see Chris’ powerpoint presentation here, and a full recording of the talk here.

21 Aug 2021:  BN44 Repair Café – the very first in what will be a series of monthly events, where you’ll be able to bring items to be repaired or sharpened by our trusty team of volunteers.

4 July 2021:  Give Your Stuff Away Day – the second of the year.

rob hopkins

1 July 2021: Green Books with Rob Hopkins

For the last in the spring series of Green Books, we were lucky enough to have Rob Hopkins along to speak about his new book “From what is, to what if”.   Rob was one of the founders of the Transition Town movements, and the book challenges us all to re-imagine what the future could be like.  You can see a video recording here.

29 June 2021:  Green Drinks:  The future of offshore wind

future of offshore wind

Will Apps, head of Energy Development at the Crown Estate, gave a fascinating talk on the future of offshore wind power around the UK.  He shared details of current plans to quadruple offshore wind generation by 2030, and the ambitous plans for the future beyond that – which foresee large arrays of floating wind turbines in deeper waters off the coast.  He also spoke of the challenges that will need to be addressed, including impacts on birds and other wildlife, navigation and fisheries.  You can see his slide presentation here.

sue stuart smith 4x3

3 June 2021:  Green Books with Sue Stuart-Smith

For our fifth Green Books talk, Sue Stuart-Smith spoke with Paul Hannam about her new book “The Well Gardened Mind.”  The book investigates the magic that many gardeners have known for years – how working with nature can radically transform our health, wellbeing and confidence.  You can see the recording on YouTube here.

25 May 2021:  Green Drinks Walkabout

For our very first face-to-face evening event for over a year, we met at the Star and went for a convivial, socially-distanced walk in small groups up Mouse Lane.  We reconvened at the pub to share a drink and a collective sigh of relief.   It was great!

windmill landscape

6 May 2021: Green Books with Chris Goodall

For our fourth Green Books event we spoke to leading environmental author, Chris Goodall, about his new book “What We Need To Do Now – for a Zero Carbon Future.” This urgent, practical and inspiring book signals a green new deal for Britain.  If you missed it live, you can see the recording on YouTube here.

6 Sept 2020: Give Your Stuff Away Day – the first of the year. The sun shone. Loads of people put things out.  The format seems as popular as ever!

2030 Countdown 9 Years Banner

27 Apr 2021:  Countdown to 2030 Event

We’ve got just 9 years to get on top of the climate crisis.  Over 160 people joined us to hear about the difference we can make together by taking action right here in our own community.  Guest speakers included rewilding pioneer, Isabella Tree, from the Knepp Estate, and local MP Andrew Griffith, the government’s Net Zero Business Champion.  If you missed it, this recording will give you a flavour of the projects underway and the exciting plans afoot.

1 Apr 2021: Green Books with Alice Ross

alice ross slide

For our third Green Books event we spoke with Financial Times journalist Alice Ross about her new book, “Investing to save the planet:  How your money can make a difference.”  

If you would like to learn more on this topic, take a look at Greening Steyning’s Beginners Guide to Green Investing.

20s Plenty Launch Banner Squarish

30 Mar 2021:  Launch Event for our 20’s Plenty Campaign

Greening Steyning is getting behind the idea of introducing a 20MPH Zone for the whole of Steyning and adjoining areas of Bramber.  For the launch of the campaign we were joined by Adrian Berendt, South East Coordinator of the national 20’s Plenty campaign, and Adam Bronkhorst, from Shoreham by Cycle.   If you are unsure about the benefits of a 20MPH limit, take a look at Adrian’s presentation which sets out the data from other towns where it’s been tried.

You can watch the YouTube recording here.

Dave64 Mar 2021: Green Books with Dave Goulson

For our second Green Books event we had the wonderful Dave Goulson talking about his latest bestselling book  “The Garden Jungle –  Gardening to Save the Planet.”

You can find out more and watch the YouTube recording here.

Green Quiz

23 Mar 2021:  Green Quiz

Our first ever online quiz was a great success! We had a good turnout, there were some fun and fiendish questions, and a lot of fun was had by all.

A big thanks to Dawn and Vicci for coming up with the questions and for hosting the evening.

Charles Dowding Talk4 Feb 2021:  Green Books with Charles Dowding on No Dig Gardening

For our first Green Books session, we asked gardening guru Charles Dowding to talk about his new book on No Dig Gardening.  

You can find out more and link to a recording of the talk on YouTube here.

Looking Down At Sbd 2

26 Jan 2021:  Green Drinks: Creating a Local Nature Map + AGM

Greening Steyning kicked off the New Year with the launch of an ambitious new Nature Mapping Project. The idea is to create a up-to-date nature map of the area around Steyning, Bramber and Beeding. This will identify biodiversity hot spots and provide a baseline to track how things are changing over time. The project will involve working closely with local farmers and landowners. The talk was followed by the Greening Steyning AGM.

You can see a YouTube recording of the session and find out more here.

Retrofit Q&a Banner24 Nov 2020: Green Drinks:  Saving Energy at Home – Ask the Experts Session.

We were joined by Cath Geoghegan and Sarah Kemp from Warmer Sussex for an interactive session all about how we can make our homes cosier and more energy efficient.

You can see a YouTube recording of the session and find out more here.


2040 film

27 Oct 2020: Green Drinks:  Movie night 

We organised a special showing of the inspirational film “2040”.  Over 90 logged on to watch it, and we had a lively Zoom chat afterwards to compare notes on what people thought of it.  The overall verdict was very positive.  We’d like everyone to see this film.


4 Oct 2020: The fourth of our new style Give Your Stuff Away Day events – suffice to say it was a bit wet!


29 Sept 2020:  Green Drinks via Zoom – an update on progress with the 2030 Project, with reports from each of the four Action Groups we have set up.


6 Sept 2020: The third of our new style Give Your Stuff Away Day events.


2 Aug 2020The second of our new style Give Your Stuff Away Day events.


28 July 2020:  Green Drinks via Zoom – a presentation and discussion of  the results of the 2030 Survey.


Wheel barrow full on give your stuff away day5 July 2020: A trial run for the new style Give Your Stuff Away Day events.  Instead of bringing their ‘stuff’ to the Catholic Church, residents were encouragd to leave things in a safe spot outside our homes.  It worked a treat.  At least 40-50 households put things out, and loads of bargains were snapped up – all for free.



30 June 2020: The first of a new series of Green Drinks meetings via Zoom.  Paul Hannam and Geoff Barnard will led a discussion on how we can reboot the 2030 Vision process and how people can get involved.


10 June 2020: We restarted the 2030 Vision process with an online 2030 Vision Survey.  This was designed to find our what people would really like our community to look and be like in 2030.  The survey closed on 10 July.  Here’s a summary of the results.  Here’s the full survey report.


25 Feb 2020: Preserving and enjoying the Sussex countryside.  For February’s Green Drinks we have two speakers. Nigel Bird spoke about his role as a West Sussex County Council Countryside Access Ranger, and Phil Paulo described the work of the South Downs National Park’s Truleigh Hill Project.


28 Jan 2020:  Climate Action Meeting.  We celebrated our 10 year anniversary and started the process of looking ahead to develop an ambitious new Zero-Carbon vision for what we want Steyning, Bramber and Beeding to look like in 2030.  Here’s a link to Geoff’s ‘Looking Back’ presentation with some of highlights of the last 10 years.  And here’s a link to Paul Hannam’s inspiring forward looking presentation ‘Our Town, Our World, Our Future’.


16 Dec 2019:  Parish Council Climate emergency demo  – A group of more than 40 of us gathered in the pouring rain and lend our support to Georgia Saunder’s motions for Steyning Parish Council to Declare a Climate Emergency, and formally back the campaign to make Steyning a Plastic Free Community. It worked! All the motions were passed unanimously, and a decision was taken to set up a new Climate Change Working Party.


27 Nov 2019: Climate Election Debate – for the 4th general election in a row we teamed up with Steyning Grammar School to host a BBC Question Time style hustings debate focusing on climate and environment issues.  We had a packed audience of over 300, including many 6th formers to hear the debate, which was expertly chaired by Tony Whitbread, President of the Sussex Wildlife Trust.  All five candidates from Arundel and South Downs constituency took part: Alison Bennett (Lib Dem), Andrew Griffith (Conservative), Bella Sankey (Labour), Isabel Thurston (Green), and Robert Wheal (Independent).


You can download a video of the event from YouTube.  It comes in three parts, numbered sequentially.  Here’s a press report that came out in the Shoreham Herald. And here’s some photos from the night on Facebook.


9 Nov 2019: Mass Unwrap at Steyning Coop  We took direct action at Steyning’s Coop to protest about the amount of single use plastic shoppers are forced to take away with them when they shop.  Shoppers were invited to take their shopping to a table outside the store and unwrap it, leaving unwanted plastic wrapping behind.  It was a great event and the local Coop staff were right behind it.


29 Oct 2019:  The Extinction Rebellion story –  Mark Engineer, Anne Younger and Matt Phelps from XR Groups  in  Lewes, Shoreham and Godalming spoke at Green Drinks about Extinction Rebellion’s non-violent civil disobedience campaigning approach.  Here’s Mark’s presentation.


6 Oct 2019: the last ever Give Your Stuff Away Day.  Sadly we’ve had to call off future events because our recycling partners, the Recycled Goods Factory have closed down.


25 Sept 2019:  Plastics Campaign Update – our Autumn series of Green Drinks talks kicked off with an update on the Plastic Free Steyning, Bramber and Beeding campaign, with Andrew C0leman form Surfers Against Sewage our guest speaker.



20 Sept 2019:  Steyning Climate Strike – the biggest march in Steyning for 40 years, in support of the Global School Climate Strike movement.  For details of this inspiring event ,which brought together young and old to call for urgent climate action, see the press release, and the Facebook album.


14 Sept 2019: River Adur ‘clean up’ walk – Volunteers from Steyning, Bramber & Beeding joined forces to do a litter clean-up walk along the River Adur.


20 & 28 July 2019: Stork Walk & Talk – a special guided tour of the white stork breeding project at the Knepp Estate.


20 July 2019:  Steyning Primary School summer fête – Our Plastic Free Campaign team ran a stall to help encourage people to cut down on single use plastics


26 June 2019: A walk on the wild side – we organised a fantastic special tour of the Knepp Estate, with an introductory talk by Isabella Tree, author of the bestselling book “Wilding:  The return of nature to a British farm”.


22 June 2019: Friends of Upper Beeding School (FUBS) summer fête – Our Plastic Free Campaign team ran a stall to help encourage people to cut down on single use plastics


27 May 2019:  Steyning Summer Fair – we had a stall focusing on the Plastic Free Campaign, featuring Gabi Carr’s wonderful 


29 May 2019:  Martin Porter, Fellow of the European Climate Foundation, shared his experience of how climate policy is set in Brussels, and the behind the scenes lobbying and negotiations that shape decisions.


24 April 2019:  Green Drinks provided chance for an update on the Plastic Free and Climate Emergency campaigns.  We also had a meet 5 of the 6 candidates in the District Council election.


7 April 2019: The second Give Your Stuff Away Day of the year.


6 April 2019: Steyning Farmers’ Market saw the launch of our campaign to make Steyning, Bramber and Beeding ‘plastic free’ communities.


27 Mar 2019: West Sussex Councillor, Kevin Boram, formerly with EDF Energy, spoke at Green Drinks about the challenges of financing and building Hinkley Point C, the first new nuclear power plant for decade.


27 Feb 2019: Kia Trainor, Director of the Sussex branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE), shared insights on how communities can shape how local development takes place, and discussed tactics on Neighbourhood Plans.


30 Jan 2019: Belinda Gordon, from The Green Alliance, gave a fascinating talk at Green Drinks on how Brexit will affect the environment. The short version is that No Deal will be a disaster for the environment, and all of the soft Brexit options, while offering some potential advantages, will also create new risks.  


6 Jan 2019:  The first Give Your Stuff Away Day of the year


28 Nov 2018:  Andrew Coleman, from Surfers Against Sewage, outlined their campaign to create plastics free communities and asked whether we might be ready to take on this challenge in Steyning.  The answer was an emphatic ‘Yes’! So watch out for news. 


31 Oct 2018: Mark Stevenson from Bright Spark Energy, spoke at Green Drinks about the future of small scale solar systems. 


7 Oct 2018:  Another bumper Give Your Stuff Away Day.



26 Sept 2018: Will Apps, Head of Energy Development at the Crown Estate (the organisation that manages licence for the UK sea bed), gave a fascinating Green Drinks talk on the role of offshore wind in decarbonising the UK’s electricity supply.


29 Aug/5 Sept 2018:  Nick Mills led two guided tours of the brand new Bramber Brooks Nature Reserve.  Over 100 people came along to see this wonderful new resource, right on our doorstep. Here’s some photos of the happy event on Facebook.




13 Aug 2018:  we organised a guided tour of the high-tech ‘MRF’ recycling plant at Ford, just South of Arundel, where all our domestic recycling goes to be sorted and dealt with.


1 July 2018: our third Give Your Stuff Away Day of 2018. It was a right scorcher, but we still managed to shift a whole load of reusable items.  Strangely, no exercise bikes this time – almost a first!


29 May 2018:  Solar pioneer, Jeremy Leggett, gave a brilliant and inspirational talk at our special Steyning Festival event, arguing that ‘Yes, we can win the Carbon War’. 


25 April 2018: Gareth Rollings, Commissioning and Infrastructure Manager at West Sussex County Council, shared latest thinking at Green Drinks on how West Sussex is working to get a grip on waste prevention and tackle the problem of plastics.


8 April 2018:  our second Give Your Stuff Away Day of the year.


28 Mar 2018:  Richard Goring presented Wiston’s new ‘Whole Estate Plan’ at Green Drinks. Here’s a link to the online version.


28 Feb 2018: automobile engineer, David Lemon, spoke at Green Drinks about the electrification of road transport and the challenges in making the switch to electric cars.  


24 Feb 2018: we teamed up with West Sussex County Council’s waste prevention team for our stand at the Steyning Showcase event.


31 Jan 2018: Colin Nicholl from UK Power Networks shared latest thinking at Green Drinks on how our electricity network can gear up to cope with new patterns of power generation and consumption.  The overall message was – don’t panic!


7 Jan 2018:  Give Your Stuff Away Day – a sunny winter’s day and a great crop of stuff was given away and snapped up.


15 Nov 2017:  Gardening in a Changing Climate Dr Eleanor Webster of the Royal Horticultural Society gave a talk at Green Drink on how climate change is likely to affect gardeners. Here’s a link to the report the RHS has recently published on this.


25 Oct 2017:  Taking Action on Pesticides – Nick Mole, Policy Officer at the Pesticide Action Network, spoke at Green Drinks about their pioneering work promoting safe alternatives to hazardous pesticides.


1 Oct 2017: Give Your Stuff Away Day was a bit wet, but we still collected and redistributed a shedload of unwanted but still useful items.


3 Sept 2017: Rampion Boat Trip – a group of us hopped on board the Brighton charter boat ‘The Defiance’ for a close up view of the windfarm under construction. Here’s some pictures.  If you missed it, and would like to take the trip, visit the Brighton Boat website.


2 July 2017: Give Your Stuff Away Day Another sunny day. Another big turnout. Another step forward in reusing and recycling, rather than bunging stuff in landfill.


28 June 2017:  Electric car event – we had six electric cars (from a Tesla to a Twizy!) on show at the Star Inn, plus an electric scooter. 60+ people came along to check them out and hear from their owners what they were like to own and drive. We’ve produced a Beginners Guide to Electric Cars to help you get your head around them.  And here’s some photos of the evening.


29 May 21017 Steyning Country Fair – this year our stand focused on cycling, and encouraging everyone to ‘get on yer bike’. We had a pair of electric bikes to demonstrate thanks to 50 Cycles in Shoreham.   50 Cycles in Shoreham.


22 May 2017 General Election Hustings Meeting –  we had an excellent turnout for the Question Time style debate at Steyning Grammar School, with many sixth formers taking an evening off exam revision to engage with candidates.  All five parties were there: Caroline Fife (Labour), Frances Haigh (Lib Dem – representing Shweta Kapadia), Nick Herbert (Conservative), Jo Prior (Green), and John Wallace (UKIP).  Once again it was skilfully chaired by Robin Hart.


The panel were grilled on the full spectrum of election issues, including the NHS, social care, immigration, environment, Grammar schools, affordable housing, reducing the voting age to 16.  There was a detailed article by local journalist Stephen Wynn-Davies capturing some of the main points in the debate that you can find on the Steyning Herald website.  And for some more photos of the evening take a look at our Facebook page.


26 Apr 2017 Chris Tomlinson gave a fascinating Green Drinks talk to a packed Cricket Club audience on how construction of the Rampion wind farm is going.


19 Apr 2017 We held a highly successful hustings debate at Steyning Cricket Club for local candidates in the West Sussex County Council election.


2 Apr 2017:  The second Give Your Stuff Away Day of the year


29 Mar 2017:  Pete Greenland spoke at Green Drinks on the importance of keeping recycling clean.  We also had an update from Cameron Goodrick and Sandra Wyatt from the Lancing-based Recycled Goods Factory  – our indispensable partners who take left over things stuff after Give Your Stuff Away Day..


22 Feb 2017:  Mike Croker gave a Green Drinks talk on Human Powered vehicles.


25 Jan 2017:  Planning Meeting – this Green Drinks was devoted to sharing ideas on where to go next with the Greening Campaign.  A stack of new ideas were raised – the Steering Group will be meeting up to sift through them and make some decisions.


8 Jan 2017: Post Xmas Clear Out – the first Give Your Stuff Away Day of the year was buzzing. The special collection for Help Refugees was a big success.  John Cole and Sara Proctor collected three car loads of stuff to support refugees in Greece, Syria and Lebanon.


30 Nov 2016: Green Investment: can your savings help save the planet?  A special seminar exploring the risks and returns of different green investment options – with Seb Beloe (WHEB Asset Management) and Damian Tow (Brighton Energy Coop). Check out our Beginners Guide to Green Investment for more information.


26 Oct 2016:  Ruth Finar gave an inspiring Green Drinks talk describing how local renewables enthusiasts  rose to the challenge of building a community-owned hydro project at Osney Lock on the Thames.


2 Oct 2016:  The third Give Your Stuff Away Day of the year


28 Sept 2016: Beki Adam, Ellie Wyatt & Jill Sutcliffe from FrackFree Sussex gave a revealing Green Drinks talk on where plans to promote fracking in Sussex have got to. This video of fracking sites in Texas provides an alarming preview of what it could look like.


29 June 2016:  David Boyle explained to a Green Drinks audience what Steyning might look like if we abandoned conventional wisdom and embraced ‘new economics’.


25 May 2016:  As our Steyning Festival special, Tim and Marion Gue gave us a brilliant guided tour of Huddlestone Farm, showing there’s more to successful dairy farming than meets the eye.


1 May 2016:  The second Give Your Stuff Away Day of the year


27 Apr 2016:  David Lemon gave an excellent but rather worrying Green Drinks talk on “Urban Air Quality: Diesel engines and the VW scandal”


30 Mar 2016:  Sophie Goodall gave us a fascinating and encouraging insight into the efforts within the Environment Agency to reduce it’s environmental footprint and practice what it preaches.


24 Feb 2016:  Mark Caul, head of packaging at Tesco, gave a fascinating talk on how they approach packaging and the many challenges involved.


6 Feb 2016:  Steyning Showcase – there was plenty of interest at our stand at this bi-annual event showcasing the amazing range of community activities going on in Steyning


27 Jan 2016: Ed Carr and Robin Brownsell talked about the vision to turn Shoreham Cement Works into a world class, self-sustaining, eco-village.


10 Jan 2016:  The first Give Your Stuff Away Day of the year had a special collection held for refugees, that generated a huge response from local people.


29 Nov 2015:  Steyning on the March:  about 15 of us made it to London to join the largest ever climate march.


25 Nov 2015:  Green Drinks Paris Special, a briefing on the background to the Climate Summit by Richard Burge (Wilton Park)


28 Oct 2015: David Barling and Kevin Carter gave a fascinating insight into the challenges of dealing with waste in West Sussex as part of October’s Green Drinks


4 Oct 2015:  The final Give Your Stuff Away Day of the year – and probably the busiest ever


30 Sept 2015:  Simon Zec spoke at Green Drinks about his new role as Steyning’s Tree Warden


15 Sept 2015:  field trip to the amazing new high-tech waste treatment plant at Brookhurst Wood where our black bag rubbish is sorted and reprocessed.


26 Aug 2015:  Robin Hobson spoke at Green Drinks about the great work being done at East Clayton Farm to create living accommodation for profoundly disabled young people, and put ‘care farming’ into practice.


5 July 2015: the third Give Your Stuff Away Day of the year.


10 June 2015: a fascinating ‘field trip’ to Huddlestone Farm to learn all about how a modern dairy farm operates, and see the various green features they’ve installed on the farm.


27 May 2015:  Green Film Night – we showed ‘Cowspiracy’ a hard-hitting documentary film examining the damage caused by the global livestock industry.


29 April 2015: Green Drinks talk: Heather Godfrey unwrapped the complexities and alarming truth on plastic waste.


21 April 2015:  A very successful “Question Time” style hustings debate focusing on climate and environment issues. A packed hall at Steyning Grammar School heard our local Parliamentary Candidates being grilled by 6th formers and other local residents.  Photos available on Facebook, and a video recording on YouTube.


19 April 2015: the second Give Your Stuff Away Day of the year.


25 March 2015: fascinating Green Drinks talk from seed specialist Stephen Eales on ‘the birds and the bees’


25 February 2015: an inspiring Green Drinks talk by Sophie Goodall on her experience visiting WaterAid’s life-changing water, sanitation and hygiene projects in Uganda.


28 January 2015:  Annual Planning Meeting at the Cricket Club.


4 January 2015: the first Give Your Stuff Away Day of the year.


26 November 2014:  Rachel Carruthers from West Sussex County Council shared the inside story on their very successful Waste Prevention Advisor Scheme at Green Drinks


29 October 2014: Toby Askew gave a great talk at Green Drinks on how on how biofuels are being harvested sustainably on the Wiston Estate.


5 Oct 2014:  The final Give Your Stuff Away Day of 2014 saved another pile of useful ‘stuff’ from landfill.


24 September 2014: a thought provoking film from Biofuelswatch on the potential downsides of biomass energy was shown at Green Drinks


6 July 2014:  The Summer Sort Out – the third Give Your Stuff Away Day of the year


4 June 2014: Steyning Festival Green Film Night – a showing of the award winning documentary, “Trashed”, focusing on the global waste problem, narrated by Jeremy Irons.


31 May 2014:  Steyning Festival Eco Walk – a guided tour of two wonderful eco homes, the Rublees allotments, and the Adur micro-brewery, plus a delicious cream tea.  What’s to not like about that!


4 May 2014:  The second Give Your Stuff Away Day of the year was another successful swapathon


30 April 2014:  Roy Powel from local renewables firm GrEnergy spoke at Green Drinks on the new Renewable Heat Incentive scheme which offers subsidies to home owners that install heat pumps, biomass boilers and solar hot water systems.


27 Apr 2014: Our first ever Eco Open House day in Steyning, and a great success.  We had 424 visits in total.  If you missed it, you can learn all about it and download case studies on all the houses from the Eco Open House website.


26 Mar 2014: Sam Friggens gave a Green Drinks talk on wave and tidal power.


26 Feb 2014: Peter King from the Ouse and Adur Rivers Trust spoke about what we can do to manage water resources better, including  flooding, and previewed the upcoming Water Fair event on 1 March.


8 Feb 2014:  Steyning Showcase – our stand at this big bi-annual community event got loads of visitors.  Highlights were the Steyning Power Ranger Scheme, and an LED lighting display.


22 January 2014:  Green Drinks talk at the Cricket Club, introducing the concept of a community orchard in Steyning and outlining Greening Campaign plans for 2014.


5 January 2014: Post Xmas Stuff Shuffle – our first Give Your Stuff Away Day of the year.


27 November 2013: “Power Rangers are go!” – the launch our new scheme to help you to measure and get on top of your electricity use.  We are lending out high tech energy meters and our five ‘Power Rangers’ were at Green Drinks to to share lessons they’ve learned from the first pilot households.


30 October 2013: “Taking Control of Our Energy Supplies” – Green Drinks talks from Kayla Ente of Brighton and Hove Energy Services Company (BHESCo) and Damian Tow and Will Cottrell of Brighton Energy Coop.


Apple pressing - in action (1024x729)6 October 2013:  Busiest Give Your Stuff Away Day yet.  Apple pressing was a huge success and produced some delicious results. We’ll definitely do this again!


25 Sept 2013:  Don’t bin it, Up-cycle it – great Green Drinks talk by Cameron and Paddy from our GYSAD partners  the Recycled Goods Factory.


21 July 2013: Daylands Farm Visit – an inspiring tour of the farm led by local farmer by Derek Crush, followed by an unbelievable cream tea.


7 July 2013  The second Give Your Stuff Away Day of the year – it’s getting bigger and better every time.


29 May 2013 “Get Composting Evening” at Steyning Cricket Club – good turnout despite it being a tad damp, and much interest in composting tips and trade secrets.  See our composting page to find out what you missed.


27 May 2013 Greening Campaign stall at Steyning Country Fair – fearsome dalek on display advertising the composting evening, plus examples of novel uses of unwanted brown-top wheelie bins.   Also lots of info and freebies on the Eat Well, Waste Less theme.


24 April 2013 inspiring Green Drinks talk at the Football Club from Malachi Chadwick of the national 10:10 campaign on lessons learned from running a big international campaign.


13 April 2013 talk at Steyning Bookshop by, Roger Hunt, author of the “Old House Eco Handbook” on how to make old homes more energy efficient.


7 April 2013  The first Give Your Stuff Away Day of the year


27 March 2013 Malcolm Quigley, from Virgin Atlantic, gave a talk on how the airline industry is working to cut its carbon emissions.


27 Feb 2013   David Herson spoke about “Waste Prevention in West Sussex”


30 January 2013  Planning meeting at Steyning Cricket Club to help decide what to focus on with the Greening Campaign in 2013.


5 December 2012:  10:10 Stall at the Late Night Shopping Evening in Steyning.


28 Nov 2012:   Inspiring Green Drinks talk on “Managing our land sustainably in an era of climate change”, with local land owners Rick Goring and Sebastian Anstruther.


31 Oct 2012:   Ollie Pendered from Barcombe Energy Group shared experience at Green Drinks on how they galvanised action on energy efficiency measures.


26 Sept 2012:  Cat Fletcher, one of the key people behind Freegle, spoke about how it came about and how it works in practice.


29 August 2012:  Natasha Baum from G&S Energy gave a talk on using thermal imaging cameras to spot where your house is leaking energy.


25 July 2012:  Rebecca Wallbridge from Southampton Univ. spoke about the study she’s doing looking at the extent to which having local community green groups (like ours) changes actual behaviour.


27 June 2012:  Chifai Tang from Southern Water gave a talk on water conservation


23 June 2012:  we had a stall at Upper Beeding Summer Fete


June 2012:  Water Awareness Month – the highlight was the double-decker “Water Bus” which we decorated with pictures and green graffiti on Jubilee Day


25 April 2012:  Green Drinks talk by film maker and environmentalist,  Nicola Peel, entitled “How one person can make a difference”  Find out more about Nicola and her work here.


27 March 2012:  Green Drinks talk by Tony Whitbread, Chief Exec of Sussex Wildlife Trust, on “An ecosystem assessment of Steyning”.


29 February 2012:  Talks on wind power options at the Green Drinks evening by Thaddeus Dell from Southern Renewables, and Chris Tomlinson, project manager for the Rampoin offshore scheme.


25 February 2012: Greening Campaign stall at the Steyning Showcase event.


25 January 2012: Planning meeting at Steyning Cricket club to get ideas on where the Greening Campaign should focus efforts in 2012.


7 December 2011: Steyning Xmas Fair – we had a Greening Campaign stall – on the shop local theme – plus a ‘use it or lose it’ team at the bus stop, encouraging people to use the buses.


16 November 2011: Party at Steyning Cricket Club – a great evening celebrating the 1st anniversary of the Greening Campaign. We raised over £500 to go towards next year’s activities.


October 2011: Insulation month – a campaign to encourage homeowners to top up their insulation to save energy and money.  There was an information stand in Steyning High Street and Hyde Square, Upper Beeding, every weekend. You can still book a free insulation survey by calling HCL on 01273 390420.


24 July 2011: First “Give Your Stuff Away Day” event – the sun shone and it was a great success!


25 June 2011: Bramber and Upper Beeding Fete – 10:10 stall


30 May 2011: Steyning Country Fayre – we had stand telling people about the Greening Campaign. We also collected over 300 signatures from people who were very concerned (indeed outraged) by plans to withdraw subsidies for local bus services.


25 May 2011: Solar Energy Meeting at Steyning Cricket Club where around 80 people came along to learn about solar options


30 March 2011: Showing of the film “The Turning Point” at Steyning Cricket Club.


26 January 2011: Greening Campaign – Phase 2 Planning Meeting. An open meeting to canvas views from local residents, societies and other groups, on what the priorities should be for the next phase of the Greening Campaign.


8 December 2010: Steyning Christmas Fayre. The Greening Campaign had a stall promoting the ‘shop local’ theme – all the things that you didn’t know you could get in Steyning.


23 October 2010: The BIG Launch of the Greening Campaign at the Steyning Centre. The sun shone, around 500 came along, there were stalls with energy saving tips, green demos, and some wonderful singing from budding eco-warriors from age 2 upwards – all illustrating the 9 Green Challenges that will form the heart of the campaign. Outside there was be an Art Bus – full of pictures by children from Beeding Primary School, and a free Bike Clinic courtesy of Pro Cycles.


23 October 2010: WEA lecture by Dr Barbara Pilley-Shaw on “Climate Change and its Effects” – Where are we at?


24 August 2010: Environment Matters at Wiston House – a discussion and tour showing how the Wilton Park conference centre is adapting their business to be more environmentally friendly. There was an introduction by Roger Willamson, and a tour of their various ‘eco features’ – a biomass boiler, composting and recycling.


July 2010: Green Transport month in Steyning. We had a stand outside the Co-op each Saturday morning, displays in Steyning Library and in the window of Cameo Hairdresser. Local artist, Elisabeth Harden, drew two wonderful cartoons of Steyning ‘before’ and ‘after’ Green Transport efforts. This formed the basis of a ‘spot the difference’ competition at St Andrew’s Primary School.


28th June 2010: Bramber and Upper Beeding fete


10th June 2010: An “Eco walk” through Steyning, taking in several eco houses, the Rublees allotments, and a local micro-brewery, and finishing with a meal at a pub. Part of the Steyning Festival.


31st May 2010: Steyning Country Fayre – we had stand in the High Street that attracted loads of interest, with lots of people signing up to our email list.


27 April 2010: Public Meeting to plan a local Greening Campaign, drawing on advice from the national Greening Campaign organisation, based in Petersfield.


21 April 2010: “Question Time” Debate for local Parliamentary Candidates – 190 people came to the a public debate on climate change and related green issues. Local parliamentary hopefuls Derek Deedman (Lib Dem), Nick Herbert (Con), Tim Lunnon (Labour) and Stuart Bower (UKIP) were grilled by members of the audience in a ‘Question Time’ style debate, chaired by Richard Burge (Chief Executive of Wilton Park). Held at Steyning Grammar School, it was a lively and constructive debate, with 6th Form students posing some of the trickiest questions – and showing that they care about politics, as well as the environment.


27 February 2010: Steyning Showcase – where 10:10 had a display and met with a large number of local community groups and members of the public.


12 January 2010: A planning meeting was held to agree Objectives and Ground Rules for a new organisation, the Steyning 10:10 Climate Action Group, and to put together an initial list of Proposed Activities and Events.


2 December 2009: To launch the campaign, the film “The Age of Stupid” was shown at the Steyning Centre. The idea of mounting a 10:10 campaign in Steyning received a strong endorsement from the 80-plus people who came.  If you missed the film, it’s available on DVD.