We are urging everyone to Rethink and use less plastic where they can – for example, try out the milkman to replace plastic milk bottles (dairy and non dairy) or visit a zero waste shop or the Farmers Market with your own containers (see our post about where you can buy refills here). But this page should help you find out what you can recycle where and inspire you to put less plastic in your bin!

We work in partnership with Sussex Green Living and Terracycle. We’d recommend the various videos on this page to take you through what happens at Terracycle and our local recycling plant.


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Plastic, what plastic?

Reecycling items that can’t go in your blue topped bin

  • Remember your Horsham District Council bin will take any form of shaped plastic. (Lids need to be larger than a jam jar size).
  • You can now recycle soft plastics like film lids on yoghurt pots, soft fruit punnets and ready meals, as well as plastic crisp packets, pasta bags bread bags and chocolate or biscuit wrappers at the Co-op and most supermarkets colelct carrier bags back.
  • Terracycle uses funding from companies to recycle a number of other plastics. The updated list that we can take is on the Sussex Green living link  here
  • Volunteers will bring bins to the Farmers Market on the first Saturday of every month. If you’d like to help us sort it afterwards, please get in touch! Please flatten your crisp packets and try to separate types of recycling as much as possible. Thank you to everyone who flat packs their crisp packets!

  • Our Farmers market collection

    Only specific plastic listed here (which companies pay to have recycled)

    Yes please! 
    (Bring separated into bread bags or carrier bags as these work well to keep same packaging types together and separate from other recycling. We will then recycling the bread bags.)
    We have 11 bins
    1. Crisp packets (flatten and bundle please)
    2. Popcorn, nuts and pretzel packets
    3. Biscuit and cake wrappers (includes Kit Kat, Cheddars, Twiglets, cereal bars & rice cakes)
    4. Sweet wrappers (not ice lolly wrappers)
    5. Plastic from beauty care products (not plastic bottles – these go in your blue bin and not health or medical product packaging. Empty blister packs can go in your blue bin)
    6. Plastic pens, markers and highlighters
    7. Milk bottle tops (2/4)
    8. Other plastic bottle tops smaller than a marmite lid (larger lids go in your blue bin. No metal lids – blue bin for these too)
    9. Trigger heads
    10. Toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes, floss containers (no electric toothbrushes – recycle with batteries or electrical)
    11. Cheese wrappers, dishwasher packets, baby food pouches, cleaning wipe packets, air fresheners
    No thank you any other plastic packaging because no company yet pays for it to be recycled.
    Note: the Co-op is taking all soft crinkly plastic.

Or, if you’re travelling to Horsham take these items to Sussex Green Living’s main drop off location at the Quaker Meeting House, Worthing Road, RH12 1SL. Further information or where you can learn about other village drop off locations in Horsham District.

Or to Lancing to ‘Douglas’ 34 Firle Road, BN15 0NZ. Further info here or

There are other local shops or voluntary organisations who collect recyclable items:

Use the links below to help you find out what you can recycle and where:

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For updated information of where to recycle Brita water filters, please go to Brita’s website

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