Together we’ve recycled 200 KG of single use plastic in just one year!

This page should help you find out what you can recycle, where you can recycle, and inspire you to put less plastic in your bin!

Greening Steyning work in partnership with Sussex Green Living and Terracycle to collect hard-to-recycle items at the monthly Farmers market which takes place in Steyning High Street on the first Saturday of every month.  (See dates and details of where to find the Greening Steyning Recycling Station here).  Our volunteers are very knowledgeable and always happy to stop and answer your recycling questions.

We have created the colourful poster below as an easy-to-follow guide showing where each of your items can be taken. Click here to download your own Recycling Guide.

At the end the end of the page you will find further information and links to relevant websites for more specific items such as coffee pods, razors and textiles.

And finally, a selection of videos to take you through what actually happens at Terracycle and our local recycling plant.

Recycling plastics at the farmers market in steyning
List of Plastics which Greening Steyning collect at the monthly Farmers Market

Did You Know..

West Sussex county council are increasing the number of things that can go in our blue bins and many local shops and companies are joining forces to collect items for recycling. Here are a few tips;

Recycle in your Blue Bin

All plastic bottles can be flattened and then the lids reattached. This includes milk bottles, drinks bottles, and cleaning product bottles with the trigger heads attached.

You can also put in your blue bin beauty products – pumps, plastic tubes, roll-on deodorant containers and medication blister packs.

Small electrical items, e-cigarettes and textiles can be booked for kerbside collection from Horsham District Council.

Recycling to take to a Local Shop

Most soft packaging can now be recycled at the Co-op so Greening Steyning no longer collects these (crisps, biscuit, snacks and cake wrappers) We are still collecting bread, coffee and cheese packaging as Upper Beeding Primary School make money by sending these off.

Used inhalers can be given to Paydens Pharmacy.

Contact lens containers can be recycled in Robinsons Opticians.

Recycling to Send Away or Arrange Collection

Razors can be sent to the Gillette razor recycling scheme

Coffee pods can now be recycled by council collection; HDC kerbside collection for coffee pods

Used corks can be sent for recycling to Majestic wine merchants.

Electrical items can be recycled using this list of companies who take back electrical items

Pillows and Duvets can be recycled  using Dunelm textiles recycling service The baskets are by the exit at Shoreham Dunelm and you just put them in a plastic bag.

Recycle all brands of shoe/trainer insole by popping them into a package and posting to ENERTOR Recycling, 46 Boss Hall Rd – Ground Floor, Boss Hall Business Park, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 5BN