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Creating a positive, climate-friendly vision for 2030

The 2030 Project  It's been 10 years since we were set up.  At our January 28th Climate Action meeting we looked back to celebrate all that’s been achieved and the past decade (here's a link to Geoff's 'Looking back' presentation).  It's a lot!  And it's all thanks to...

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What waste goes in my recycling bin?

Horsham District Council have produced a simplified list of what goes in your blue top bin and a flyer. You can order this flyer for your fridge If you can’t find where to recycle your items then there is a detailed A-Z of how to recycling materials produced by West...

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Where does my recycling go?

Once collected by Viridor from your blue bin it is taken to the Ford Material Recycling Facility to be sorted for reprocessing. 95% of the inputs get recycled. As there is always some non-recyclables in the blue top bin.

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Where does my black bag waste go?

Once collected by Biffa from your green top bin it is taken to the Brookhurst Wood Mechanical and Biological Treatment facility north of Horsham to retrieve any value. Rubbish is delivered in the black bags to the facility where it is shredded and mechanically sorted...

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A Beginners Guide to Electric Cars

Electric cars are seen as a big part of a more sustainable, low carbon, transport future.  Sales in the UK have been steadily increasing. There are now over 200,000 plug in cars across the UK, and by 2030, according to some predictions, 90% of all cars sold...

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A Beginners Guide to Green Investment

Health warning!  This information is provided in good faith and does not constitute investment advice. You should fully research any of the options mentioned before investing. If you're unsure, make sure you consult an independent financial advisor. What are the...

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Time to Get Composting Our Composting Campaign is starting to heat up. With Horsham Council charging £39 a year for brown top bin collections (as of Jan 2019), now's the time to think about setting up your own mini fertilizer factory.   Why transport green waste half...

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Water is for Life How do you start your day? Do you stumble bleary eyed down stairs, turn on the tap and fill up the kettle for that first blissful cup of tea or coffee? Or does your morning ritual include a shower? Whatever the routine and what ever you do throughout...

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The LED lighting revolution has arrived  Are you still wasting energy on inefficient lighting?  Pretty well everyone knows that old fashioned tungsten bulbs are very inefficient.  But the newer style Halogen bulbs that you still see around are even worse.  They are...

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We all do a bit of it. But most of us could do a lot more. There's now a whole series of easy options for recycling and reusing items, right here in our own neighbourhood.  Here's how ..... Steyning Freegle Have you heard of the Freecycle idea?  It has...

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