Your Guide To Sustainable Weddings

Green Consumer

Did you know;

  1. A single wedding can produce up to 20 kg of plastic waste
  2. Balloons, confetti, exotic flowers, and decorations are the worst eco-offenders.

In the excitement of planning, it’s easy to overlook the negative impact weddings can have on the environment. To raise awareness and promote circularity, 77 Diamonds created this in-depth guide on planning sustainable weddings with an an eco-friendly, zero-waste celebration:

Greening Steyning found this guide very informative; It’s a useful resource and helps you to consider all aspects of your wedding planning including,

  • Carbon footprint: The environmental impact of nuptials and the biggest sustainability culprits.
  • Planning a green wedding: Practical tips on budgeting, selecting eco-conscious suppliers, and utilising sustainable resources.
  • Celebrating love and the planet: How your celebration can support environmental nonprofits.