Wildlife Gardening – ‘Donate’ 3m of your garden to wildlife

Environment & Biodiversity

wildlife garden

We all need nature, but nature needs us now more than ever before.

Our wild, green spaces are decreasing and the places where animals such as birds, butterflies and bats can find food, shelter & water are also declining.

But the future could be so different, we can all help reverse the trend!   We’re asking everyone to ‘donate’ up to 3 m² of your gardens for wildlife and link up with your neighbours by creating wildlife corridors, like small holes in your fences.   This way we can create our own ‘community’ nature reserve in the heart of Steyning,  Upper Beeding and Bramber!

Here are five super simple things you can do in your garden to get started:

By working together we can create a wonderful sanctuary for our native wildlife to enjoy – and we’ll all reap the benefits!

If you are interested in becoming a Wildlife Ambassador for your street – please email us here: biodiversity@greeningsteyning.org