What waste goes in my recycling bin?

Green Consumer

Horsham District Council have produced a simplified list of what goes in your blue top bin and a flyer.


You can order this flyer for your fridge

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If you can’t find where to recycle your items then there is a detailed A-Z of how to recycling materials produced by West Sussex County Council.

What about other single use plastic packaging?

Large producers have to recycle 60% plus of their packaging and so will pay charities for collecting the items below. If you collected up these items and bring them to the monthly Steyning farmer’s market, we will have wheelie bins for them. Any monies received from producers are donated to the local schools and charities.

If you can’t reach the Steyning Farmers Market then there are other local shops or voluntary organisations who collect recyclable items:

What single use plastic we will take at Steyning Farmer’s Market

  • Cat & dog food – plastic pouches & flexible bags (rinse in the sink please)
Pet Food
  • Baby food pouches, lids and baby snack wrappers – Ella‛s Kitchen and any other brands
  • Ballpoint pens, felt tips, biros, correction fluid, markers & highlighters
  • Flexible plastic from sweet biscuit, cake & cracker wrappers
  • Personal care & beauty products – plastic bottle caps, trigger heads, pumps, tubes, roll-on-deodorant & flexible plastic wipe packaging
  • Dishwasher, cleaning and fragrance flexible packaging
  • Cheese wrappers
  • Plastic air fresheners, cartridges & plastic air freshener packaging
  • Toothpaste tubes & caps, toothbrushes, heads from electric and battery toothbrushes and all associated packaging
  • Home cleaning products plastic bottle caps, trigger heads, pumps & cleaning wipe packaging
  • Crisp wrappers (flat & unfolded) for the primary schools can also be recycled at the Steyning Farmer’s Market