What waste goes in my recycling bin?

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Hang on to your single use plastic (not taken by Horsham DC).
Greeting Steyning hope to have a stand at April’s Farmers Market with the change in Covid restrictions.  So hold on to those hard-to-recycle items you’ve been collecting until we’re up and running again.  Recycling drop-offs are still open in Lancing and Horsham but only if you are travelling there anyway for essential reasons. Here’s a handy guide for you to print off showing what goes in what bin and what we can take at the Farmer’s Market. 

Yes, please recycle meNo thank you – general refuse bin
Paper and card: Junk mail; cereal and egg boxes; newspapers and magazines; wrapping paper  (if scrunchable); catalogues and directoriesCling film and any food packaging that’s not on this list anywhere
Foil: clean takeaway containers; foil trays; tinfoilWrappers from bakeries (with holes in)
Glass bottles and jars: wine bottles; beer bottles; perfume bottles; jam jars; sauce jarsFood and drink pouches
Metal cans and aerosols: food and drink cans; pet-food cans; empty aerosols; biscuit and sweet tinsFilm lids from trays and pots Plant pots
Cartons: fruit juice cartons; custard cartons; soup cartons; milk cartonsCompostable or biodegradable bags
Plastic bottles and containers: milk/drinks bottles; bathroom/laundry bottles and tops; moulded plastic packaging; food, fruit and ready meal pots, tubs and trays; plastic container lidsShredded paper; paper towels and tissues

Horsham District Council have produced a simplified list of what goes in your blue top bin and a flyer.

Note that the following do not go in the council recycling bins: cling film; any food packaging that is not on the above list; wrappers from bakeries (with holes in); food and drink pouches; film lids from trays, plant pots, compostable/biodegradable bags and bottle tops smaller than a jam jar lid.

You can order this flyer for your fridge

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If you can’t find where to recycle your items then there is a detailed A-Z of how to recycling materials produced by West Sussex County Council.

What about other single use plastic packaging?

Large producers have to recycle 60% plus of their packaging and so will pay charities for collecting the items below. If you collected up these items and bring them to the monthly Steyning farmer’s market, we will have wheelie bins for them. Any monies received from producers are donated to the local schools and charities. UPDATE MARCH 2021: WE HOPE TO BE BACK AT THE FARMERS MARKET IN APRIL.

If you’re travelling to Horsham take these items to Sussex Green Living’s main drop off location at the Quaker Meeting House, Worthing Road, RH12 1SL. Further information https://www.facebook.com/SussexGreenLivingRecycling or https://www.sussexgreenliving.co.uk/recycling-zone/single-use/ where you can learn about other village drop off locations in Horsham District. 
Or to Lancing to ‘Douglas’ 34 Firle Road, BN15 0NZ. Further info here https://www.facebook.com/recyclinginLancing/ or https://recyclinginlancing.org.uk)

If you can’t reach the Steyning Farmers Market then there are other local shops or voluntary organisations who collect recyclable items:

If you have anything that could be repaired email the Repair Café on repaircafe@greeningsteyning.org

What single use plastic we will take at Steyning Farmer’s Market – NOT DURING NATIONAL LOCKDOWN

  • PLEASE NOTE: Used bread bags are perfect for separating out your recycling
  • Cat & dog food – plastic pouches & flexible bags (MUST be clean and dry and in a separate bag)
Pet Food
  • Baby food pouches, lids and baby snack wrappers – Any brand (please bring in plastic bags which we will recycle)
  • Ballpoint pens, felt tips, biros, correction fluid, markers & highlighters
  • Flexible plastic sweet, chocolate, biscuit, cake & cracker wrappers (includes cheddars and kitkats) AND bread bags,
  • Personal care & beauty products – plastic bottle caps, trigger heads, pumps, tubes, roll-on-deodorant & flexible plastic wipe packaging.
  • Resealable packaging for dishwasher and washing machine tablets and fragrance flexible packaging
  • Resealable packaging for cheese
  • Plastic air fresheners. Home Cleaning products: plastic bottle caps, trigger heads and pumps, cleaning wipe packaging
  • Used toothbrushes, toothbrush plastic packaging (remove the cardboard) toothpaste tubes and floss packaging
  • Home Cleaning products: plastic bottle caps, trigger heads and pumps, cleaning wipe packaging.
  • Plastic bottle tops
  • Crisp and snack packets including twiglets (please flatten and place in tied plastic bags)
  • Popcorn, pretzel and nut packets
  • Marigold brand Gloves (domestic only), Marigold packaging
  • Beauty Products: mascaras, lipsticks, lip balms, eye shadow compacts, facial wipe packets, tubes from moisturisers and creams, highlighter & bronzer sticks

If you can provide the items split down into the bullet point categories above that is appreciated as we have to sort them into these categories.

We will have three big bins labelled:

1) Biscuit, sweet, chocolate and cheese wrappers.

2) Pet food pouches

3) Flattened crisp packets

And five buckets for:

  • Pens
  • Toothpaste tubes and brushes
  • Home cleaning and washing products
  • Beauty products
  • Bottle Tops

If you’re travelling to Horsham take them to the Quaker meeting house or to Lancing to ‘Douglas’ 34 Firle Road, BN15 0NZ. Further info here https://www.facebook.com/recyclinginLancing/ or  https://recyclinginlancing.org.uk

What are the economics of the recycling we collect?

And what happens to the waste we collect?

Can also look at the following page on providing more opportunities to recycle those ‘hard to recycle’ item

If you have anything that could be repaired email the Repair Café on repaircafe@greeningsteyning.org

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