What We Can Collect and Recycle for Cash at Upper Beeding Primary School

Green Consumer

The following items can all be recycled by UBPS and raise funds for our school:

Cheese Packaging

  • Any brand of individual cheese portion plastic wrappers
  • Any brand of flexible plastic cheese pouches and wrappers, even the zipped ones!
  • Any brand of sliced cheese protective film (not the plastic tray – that goes in your council blue bin!)
  • Labels from Cathedral City Minis pack of six (no other brand)
  • Any brand of plastic nets for mini cheeses
    • Not accepted: plastic cheese tubs and trays; cardboard cheese boxes and paper wrapping; aluminium cheese wrapping; wooden cheese boxes; cheese wax and wax paper; cheese slice dividers; squeezy cheese tubes; labels from other Cathedral City net products or from other brands of mini cheeses. 

Bakery Wrappers

  • Any brand of plastic bread bags and closure tags
  • Any brand of bakery plastic packaging including plastic trays, zipper bags, plastic packs (crumpets, wraps, bagels, tea cakes etc)
    • Not accepted: paper bags; combined paper and film window bags; wax wrappers.

 Personal Care Products

  • Any brand flexible plastic and metallic plastic tubes used for body/hand/face creams, ointments and moisturisers
  • Any brand flexible plastic packaging used for facial cleansing wipes
  • Any brand eye shadow compacts
  • Any brand lip and cheek highlighter and bronzer sticks
  • Any brand mascara tubes and wands
  • Any brand lipsticks, lip glosses and lip balms
    • Not accepted: glass; rigid plastic bottles, pots and tubs; flexible plastic tubes not used for face/hand/body creams such as hair care, bath and shower, food etc; flexible plastic packaging for baby wipes and household wipes; deodorant, body spray or perfume; cardboard packaging.

    Marigold Gloves

  • Marigold durable gloves
  • Marigold disposable gloves
  • Marigold gloves plastic packaging
    • Not accepted: all other brands of durable and disposable gloves and their packaging; marigold durable or disposable gloves that have been in contact with harsh chemicals; cardboard packaging; Marigold gloves used for professional or non-domestic purposes.

Crisp Packets

  • Any brand of crisp packets
  • Any brand of multi-pack packaging
    • Not accepted: popcorn bags; crisp tubes; pretzel bags; meat snack bags.

   Home Hygiene Products

  • Any brand flexible dishwashing tablet packaging
  • Any brand outer plastic sleeve from hard plastic tubs
  • Any brand foil inside dishwasher protector
  • Any brand flexible plastic dishwashing salt bags
  • Any brand dishwasher cleaner and freshener outer packaging
  • Any brand flexible home cleaning wipe packaging
  • Any brand flexible cleaning product refill packaging
  • Any brand fragrance twin pack plastic sleeves
  • Any brand flexible stain remover powder packaging
    • Not accepted: laundry detergent packaging; toilet freshener packaging; aerosols; plastic bottles and tubs; dishwasher liquid bottles, rinse aid packaging; fragrance candles, reeds, plug ins and auto-sprays; soda crystals packaging; washing machine and oven cleaner packaging; cardboard.

    Kinder Packaging

  • Kinder flexible plastic packaging
  • Kinder chocolate wrappers
  • Kinder aluminium foil packaging
  • Kinder rigid plastic packaging
    • Not accepted: cardboard packaging; packaging from other brands. 

Taylors of Harrogate

  • Taylors of Harrogate individual coffee bag sachets
  • Taylors of Harrogate ground coffee pouches
  • Taylors of Harrogate coffee beans pouches 
    • Not accepted: T of H individual coffee bags; other brands of flexible coffee packaging; coffee capsules; ground coffee; cardboard packaging.

Ring Carriers

  • All flexible plastic ring carriers used to hold cans
    • Not accepted: cans; outer packaging of drinks.

Ink Cartridges 

  • All Canon domestic ink cartridges
  • All HP domestic ink cartridges
  • All Epson domestic ink cartridges
  • All Brother domestic ink cartridges
    • Not accepted: toner cartridges

Please support our school by telling your family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues to collect for us too! Your support is much appreciated.

Updated 19th September 2021

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