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As part of the 2030 Project, the Energy and Housing Action Group is exploring ways of Homes Logohelping local residents to make their homes more energy efficient, and to really get going in scaling up the local production of clean, renewable energy.

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Plans for 2020

Here's what we're working on...

Our first move was to publicise the Solar Together group buying scheme for solar panels, for which the October deadline has now passed.  We’re hoping a second round will be announced soon.

The big focus this winter will be on rolling out an ambitious Home Retrofit Project to encourage people to get moving in improving the all round energy efficiency of their homes.

Home Energy LossOur ageing housing stock is notoriously leaky and inefficient, leading to draughty bedrooms, damp bathrooms, and inflated energy bills. And far too many of us still have inefficient freezers groaning away in the corner, energy guzzling light bulbs we’ve not got round to changing, and ancient boilers that kick out more heat to the neighbour’s garden than they do the house.

This is one of the real biggies when it comes to reaching net zero. According to the Zero Carbon Britain report, heating and hot water alone accounted for 32% of total UK energy demand in 2017. This could be cut by more than half through a comprehensive ‘retrofit’ programme to upgrade and insulate our homes. And as well as saving costs and carbon it would make them much cosier places to live.

The trouble is most of us know all this already. But somehow we don’t get around to it. We make excuses, and we put if off until next year.

This is the challenge the Homes and Energy Group are aiming to tackle head on. We’ll be providing handy information, details of the new government Green Homes Grant scheme, and links to initiatives such as the Warmer Sussex scheme and Brighton and Hove Energy Energy Services Co-operative (BHESCo) which can provide tailored professional support to help you upgrade your home.

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Articles & Information

We’ll be adding more information here over time, including useful resources, relevant articles and events.


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