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Thinking of installing solar panels?

Have you been thinking of installing PV panels or battery storage?  If so, the Solar Together Scheme is certainly worth a look.  

It’s a group buying scheme which puts together expressions of interest from hundreds of people and selects an installer through an auction process to find the best bidder.  It’s backed by West Sussex County Council, and Horsham District Council.   Here’s a blog article describing the scheme in more detail.

Several homeowners in Steyning took advantage of the last round and now have PV panels on their roofs.  To give you a feel for the costs involved, one quote was for 8 panels with a total output of 2.6kW.  The cost quoted was £3400.  

The second round of applications closed in September 2021, with other 7000 applications across West Sussex.  They expect to announce a new round of the Solar Together Sussex scheme in Spring 2023. 

Residents can register their interest on the website now and they will be contacted when the 3rd round opens.

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