Reduce, Reuse and Repair 

Visitor at the community fridge in steyning

Minimise your carbon footprint by making thoughtful choices

Greening Steyning believe that we can create positive changes through what we buy and how we use resources. We want to support everyone in our community to be able to reduce their impact on the planet, and are working hard to provide the opportunities to make this possible.

Here’s what you can find in Steyning, Beeding and Bramber to help;

Greening Steyning have set up the monthly Repair Café, the to prevent your damaged items going to landfill.

We have set up the twice weekly Community Fridge, to redistribute food otherwise going to waste.

We arrange a number of Give Your Stuff Away days to prevent unwanted items going to landfill. We also hold fashion swap events. Keep an eye on our events calendar for dates and details.

Also found locally…

At the Steyning Post Office you can buy refill pouches for many household and beauty products, and recycle the used pouches.

There are a number of local and not too far away shops where you can refill your containers to reduce buying new packaging.  Click here to: Find shops that provide refillables locally

And if you can’t reduce, reuse or repair?

We can also help you to recycle.


Find out how we can help you to recylce more items by visiting our Recycling Page

Recycling plastics at the Farmers Market in Steyning

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