Counting solar panels from the Bostal

By Geoff Barnard

View from the Bostal, Steyning

We’ve been enjoying some fantastic walking during lockdown.

Call me a geek, but looking down over Steyning I sometimes find myself counting the number of houses with solar panels I can see. From here on the Bostal Road, I spotted 24 – which is a good start. That means there’s 24 homes that are saving money and getting at least half of their power needs from the sun.

But look at the number of empty roofs. I checked the government stats and there’s currently 177 homes in the BN44 area with PV systems – just 4% of households in the area. So there’s a long way to go.

What would it take for every home with a suitable roof to have solar panels? Should we make that our target for 2030? I’d like that to be part or our 2030 vision.

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