Observations during lock-down and things we do differently.

By Alan and Irene Frost

Now there is less traffic and wardens on the High Street people are parking on the zigzags outside Nicks grocery store rather than parking legally and walking a little further.

Its more pleasant to walk up the High street as less people and traffic.

A lot quieter in Steyning during lock-down.

Sky is clear at night and no planes in the day time. We notice that people out in the fields generally are more friendly and chatty also in the village.

We realize since lock-down how fortunate we are to live here, with the countryside for walks all around us.

The air seems cleaner without all the usual traffic.

We realize that we don’t need more people here in Steyning, living here or visiting, the only people that would benefit from more people would be the shops.

We take more walks in the fields now that we can’t visit places outside of Steyning as frequently.

Some neighbors are more talkative than before.

Articles we can’t buy in Steyning we can buy on-line.

We have saved a lot of money by not using the car hardly at all.

We have realized what a great service the shops that are open have been to us all.

Since lock-down we feel we are more of a community, and sharing this situation together.

Life is quieter, slower and calmer.

Since the schools closed, it’s good to see that cars and buses are not waiting to pick up children from school with engines running, polluting the atmosphere with diesel fumes.

Thats our observations regarding lock-down in Steyning.