Lessons from lockdown

By Sally Sanderson

1.  Less traffic on the roads and therefore less noise and pollution.

2.  Birdsong more noticeable.

2.  No trips to supermarkets and the unpleasantness of gross marketing.

3.  More time to enjoy preparing and cooking better quality meals.

4.  The increased importance of fresh air and working in a garden, along with natural exercise.

5.  A noticeable lack of pressure on daily life from social engagements, others’ demands etc. so more freedom to do as one wants.

6.  A change in priorities to those which are essential rather than important.  An incentive to adapt and make do….and repair, which encourages a more flexible attitude.

7.  An increase in awareness of the importance of the natural world and our relationship with the planet…and heightening our priority to work against the damage caused by man to the environment.

8.  Wonderful decrease in air traffic, noise and the effect on the environment and our lifestyle,  moving to more local rather than endless ideals of far off holidays and the  move to be a tourist.  A greater appreciation of what is under our noses rather than travelling the world.

9.   Closer connection to neighbours and people locally, to help out.

10. The realisation of just how much we need our family and friends and the role of physical touch, physical meetings and how screen contact is less satisfying.

11.  The lessening of living “instantly”  with instant gratification,  “I want I get” so a more considered view of what is possible and what is not.  The lessening of choice brings more simplicity and less anxiety.

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