Give Your Stuff Away Day

Our Popular Give Your Stuff Away Day Continues!

Give Your Stuff Away Day is a great way of getting rid of all that ‘stuff’ that’s clogging up  your closets, your loft, and your shed – things that still have plenty of useful life in them, but which you just don’t  use any more. Your junk could be someone else’s treasure! 

The idea is simple; On specific dates throughout the year we encourage local residents to leave things in a safe spot outside their homes. People can go round to pick up anything that catches their eye. In this way we can recycle and reuse a whole load of useful stuff.

The dates for GYSAD in 2024 are; Sundays, January 7th, April 7th, July 7th and October 6th

And can also be found by visiting our Events Page

Here’s how the format works, and some do’s and don’ts:

  • Put things you’d like to give away in a box or neat pile on your driveway or front garden from 1 pm. Don’t block the pavement!
  • Put up a sign saying ‘Give Your Stuff Away Day – Help Yourself!’  You can download one here.
  • It’s not essential but if you’re happy to do this, do a comment up on the Greening Steyning Facebook Event Page for that day’s GYSAD with a description or photo of your stash, with hashtag #GYSAD, and a note saying what street you live on (no need to give your exact address). That way people will know where to come.
  • Leave it there for the afternoon.
  • Everyone will be encouraged to take a Sunday afternoon walk around their neighbourhood to see what they can find.
  • Taking a wheelbarrow, trolley or shopping bag would be a smart move so you can carry things home.
  • If you’re in a car, make sure you don’t block the road.
  • Home owners make sure you take back in anything that’s left at 4 pm. It’s your responsibility – we don’t want to be accused of community fly tipping!

Some caveats:

  • If you don’t have a good spot outside your home to put things, or live a bit out of the way, maybe you have a friend who’s driveway you can borrow, provided you agree to clear up afterwards.
  • It all depends on having some fine weather on the day. If it’s pouring with rain, we can give it a miss.
gysad event listing
wheelbarrow full of second hand items
shelf full of second hand items
old teddy bear