Garden Survey 2020: Take Part Now!


Hedge Hog

The Biodiversity Action Group needs you!!!

We currently running a survey asking residents of Steyning, Upper Beeding and Bramber all about your garden, how you garden and what wildlife you see on your individual plot.

We will put the information you give us together to form a street by street picture of what is there; how many ponds, how many hedges, how many hedgehogs!

Then we can think of different ways of turning all our gardens, all our streets into rich wildlife areas which are good not just for biodiversity but for everyone who lives there.

The BAG Garden Survey  is ready to go! This is your chance to take the first steps towards a better future for our whole planet.

It doesn’t take long, please spare a moment to complete the survey, follow the link below:

Do you have lockdown story to share?