Garden Survey 2020: Results


Garden Survey Habits

The Garden Survey Results are in

The wildlife we share our world with, is in serious trouble. the future is looking very bleak for many plants, animals, birds, and insects.

The Greening Steyning Biodiversity Action Group  would like to turn Steyning, Bramber and Beeding, into a wildlife friendly area, to create gardens and streets that help us create a wildlife rich environment that can be shared by everything that lives in it.

Our gardens and open spaces, no matter how big or small, could play a part in helping our local wildlife to survive and thrive into the future.

The Garden Survey along with the Nature Map is our starting point. By looking at what we have got, we can then think about what we want, and finally decide how we are going to get it.

The Results

The Garden Survey ran online from November 2020 to Jan 2021, it was promoted online, via flyers, word of
mouth, local sources.
running a survey asking residents of Steyning, Upper Beeding and Bramber all about your garden, how you garden and what wildlife you see on your individual plot.

Garden Survey Results Example Page

We had over 300 responses to our Wildlife Garden Survey – thank you!

This is approx. 7% of the households in Upper Beeding, Bramber and Steyning

We collected data on:

  1. Garden Type, Size, Boundaries and features
  2. Wildlife features and what wildlife people see
  3. Gardening habits and what people knew about wildlife gardening
  4. What people would like help with & interested in doing next.

It threw up some interesting results:

  1. Birds, butterflies and bees are the most common wildlife spotted in gardens, BUT hedgehogs are regularly seen in some areas of Upper Beeding and Steyning (Pepperscombe Lane, Kings Barn Lane, Roman Road, Saltings Way). Good news indeed for our vulnerable prickly friends – who are facing a national decline
  2. Over 85% of you had both bird feeders and flowers to attract wildlife in your gardens – but only 40% had a pond of some type
  3. Lots of you knew a fair bit about wildlife gardening BUT wanted to do more in your garden – a great start!

The results are really interesting – and a fantastic resource we will be  building on in the coming months. 

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