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Greening Steyning are encouraging people to get involved in Plastic-Free July.

The UK throws away an estimated 295 billion pieces of plastic waste every year! Much of this plastic is single-use and not recycled (either because it can’t be recycled or because people just chuck it in the bin rather than the recycling bin).

The first Plastic-Free July was started back in 2011 by Rebecca Prince-Ruiz and a few people from the local Western Australian Government.  It is now a global movement in over 175 countries. 

Visit the official Plastic Free July website.

So for the month of July, we are encouraging you to start your plastic-free journey.  It’s hard we appreciate, but start with small changes (maybe one a week) that you think are achievable.  Slowly you will start to look at your shopping choices in a different way and it will become easier.  

Some easy places to start:

  • Take your own bags and containers when you shop
  • Try a vegetable box delivery scheme or visit a farm shop for loose fruit and veg
  • Choose the products in plastic free packaging whenever you can
  • Sign up to a milk delivery scheme
  • Carry a refillable water bottle and coffee cup with you
  • Store leftovers in Tupperware or a glass jar
  • Pack your lunch in reusable containers

We have found some great resources to help you with your journey. 

WRAP – a not for profit organisation started in 2000 and became a charity in 2014. They are now one of the World’s leading global sustainability charities.  Based in the UK and with projects around the world they work with businesses, governments, citizens and charities to make the planet a healthier, safer place.

They have developed the UK Plastics Pact and have many UK businesses to sign up to it.  Follow the link to read more and find a list of all the companies that have signed up so far.

The UK Plastics Pact | WRAP

Plastic Change Project

As well as an online shop, they have a resources section to help you find local plastic free alternative ways of shopping.

Less Plastic. In your Life. On the Planet. – Less Plastic

Friends of the Earth

This resource section is full of handy tips to get you started.  And while you’re there, there’s a link to a petition to ask the Government to phase out plastic pollution.

Living without plastic | Friends of the Earth

Keep an eye on our Social media pages over Plastic-Free July for information and tips. 

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