Lockdown Stories

How has lockdown affected you? What have you learned from it?

Alongside the difficulties and suffering people have experienced during this time, there have been many positives too. What have we learned and how can we use this to create a more positive future for ourselves, our community and the environment?

Your Community

Perhaps, you appreciate and value people in your community more? Are now more aware of those
needing support? Do you think differently about the kind of community you want to live in?

Your environment

Have you spent more time outdoors? Found new walking routes and discovered more about nature?
Started to grow your own food? Enjoyed quieter roads and skies?

Your Lifestyle

Are there aspects you have changed for good? Have you exercised more? Unleashed your creativity
through music, art or learning something new? Taken time to repair instead of buying new?
Shopped more locally? Enjoyed working from home or not working so hard? Have you reassessed
your priorities in life?

What would you like to change?

Whatever your experiences, we would very much like you to share them. By sharing we can develop
our vision for a healthier, brighter future for everyone.

Ready to share your lockdown story?

All encouraging, positive stories welcome! Simply upload your text, image or recording using the form below, or share straight to Instagram using the hashtag #steyning2030. 

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