I’m dreaming of a conscious Christmas……

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Christmas is about being thoughtful. The season for giving, receiving and thinking of others. An opportunity for taking time and realising what’s most important to us.

This year especially, we’ve had time to reflect on the things that matter most to us; our friends, family, neighbours and community.  We’ve spent time in nature and seen how nature has benefitted from our isolation and stillness. 

We’ve appreciated how local communities, local produce, local shops are so essential.

The words mindful and conscious have become so commonplace in recent years and never more so this year. Can we use the lessons we’ve learnt during this time of isolation to have a more mindful and conscious Christmas? Conscious of the importance of how we shop and mindful of the impact of what we buy.

Instead of rushing to the Internet furiously ordering off Amazon, can we research our local producers’ sustainable products? Gifts that last a lifetime. And being more mindful about our gifts that we give, can we show that we have really thought about the present we want to give, and can we introduce our loved ones to a different way of shopping?

Sustainable gifts fall into a number of categories from earth friendly material items to vouchers or experiences.  Here are some ideas and local examples to help you with your Christmas shopping.

Merry Christmas!

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Gift vouchers

Ema’s nails and beauty

Bloomsbury clinic

Body Matters

Sakala Steyning

The Steyning Bookshop

Waterman Mobile Valeting

Nicky Allen Photography

Dinner vouchers/food hamper

Another great way to support our local businesses. Contact your favourite pub, cafe or restaurant and ask if they could do a voucher.  


Image 4
Big Fish
Image 5
Blue Sea
Image 4
Bramber Dragon
Image 27
Castle Inn Hotel
Image 7
Chequer Inn
Image 12
Chez Joel
Image 40
Cobblestone Teahouse
Image 21
Steyning Cricket Club House
Image 8
The Dugout Burger Shack
Image 14
 Fuel Coffee House
Image 17
Golding Barn Cafe
The King’s Head Pub
King’s Head
Image 18
Maharajah Indian Restaurant
Image 3
Mamma Mia
Image 41
The Old Tollgate Hotel
Image 20
Rising Sun
Image 26
The Star Inn
Image 22
Steyning Tea Rooms
Image 33
Image 24
Truffles Bakery
Image 23
Victoria Sponge
Image 25
The White Horse Smokehouse & Grill

Charity vouchers

Many charities now do gift donations.  UNICEF and Oxfam have long established packages that come with their own Christmas card.  You can buy textbooks for schools in developing nations, malaria nets, vaccines, blankets and more. Prices can range from £6 upwards and can make a huge difference. 

Contact your favourite charity to see what they offer.  Or maybe the local food bank or schools to help closer to home. Charities have lost so much funding this year; this can be a great way to support them.

Cancer Research

Oxfam Shop Steyning

St Barnabas House charity shop


Has your friend or loved one always dreamed of trying something new but just needs a nudge? From glider flying to Yoga, star gazing and navigation training, there are so many options on our doorstep.  The West Sussex experiences initiative has been set up to help us support our hard-hit local tourism industry and has lots of ideas. Clink on the following link.

Experience West Sussex | Inspiration For Holidays & Short Breaks

The gift of time

Maybe your funds are low and you can’t afford to spend money but you want to give something.  Time with our loved ones is priceless and more valuable than any material gift, this year especially.  How about time tokens promising a dog walk, a bike ride, some babysitting or just a cup of coffee?  Give it a time limit so they know you’re serious about wanting to give your time to that person.

 Please Support our High Streets and local businesses

A Little Birdy Co

Beeding Newsagency

Image 53
The Beauty Box
Image 58
Beeding Pharmacy
Image 28
Image 42
Cobblestone Walk
Image 60
Image 29
Dolls House
Image 49
Foundry Cast Iron
Image 15
 Gatley’s Pet Shop
Image 16
 Get Waisted
Image 48
Green & Healthy

The Green Room

Image 32
Gris et Blanc
Image 55
Handsome Hounds
Image 44
The Little Sweet Shop
Image 59
Kimdoodle Designs
Image 46
La Maison Verte
Image 3
Little Pickle Store
Image 39
Martins Newsagents
Image 38
MFG – Budgens
Image 37
Nisa Local
Image 56
One Stop Computer Store
Image 1
Paige’s Cakes
Image 35
Paydens Chemist
Image 5
Riverside Brewer
Image 50
Robinson Opticians
Image 1
Sakala Steyning
Image 51
Spencer Hart Bathrooms
Image 45
Steyning Antiques
Image 2
The Steyning Bookshop
Image 30
Steyning Butcher
Image 43
Steyning Florist
Image 54
Steyning Post Office and Store
Steyning Physiotherapy
Image 57
Studio 44
Image 31
 Vintage & Home