Green Day

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childrens parade 2

A huge success and a day to remember!

The 2022 Steyning Festival kicked off with a spectacular green bang on 28 May.  Here’s a summary of what went on.  For more photos from the day, check out the Green Day Facebook Album.

It’s not often you come across a full-sized sperm whale in Steyning!  So the whale was the undoubted star of the ‘Green Day’ show.  The talented team of actors from the Circo Rum Ba Ba theatre troop led groups of intrepid youngsters, and some somewhat less flexible adults, inside the giant beast. They left wide-eyed, with some unforgettable deep-sea memories of turtles and jellyfish, and a powerful message about the dangers of plastic pollution in the ocean.

inside the whale

The scene inside the whale

An electric vehicle and e-Bike parade got the Green Day show on the road.  About 35 cars and bikes set off for a tour of the High Street, honking horns, waving flags and showing how the ‘Go Electric’ revolution has arrived. Ten minutes later it was back, and proud owners stayed on to show off their bikes and cars to interested onlookers who were thinking of taking the plunge, and to take part in a Q&A session in the Big Top tent.

If you missed it, you can learn more about EV’s from our Beginners Guide to Electic Cars.

cutting the tape on the e bike & ev parade

Cutting the tape – with e-bikes leading from the front

Excitement and noise levels grew when over 150 children and family followers then took part in the children’s parade, dancing along to a samba beat led by Keith and Ed, from Moving Sounds, and following Goran the recycled sea dragon, controlled by youngsters from Steyning Woodcraft Group.

Goran had been lent by our friends at Sussex Green Living, but needed a bit of a makeover after 2 years of lockdown stored in a barn.  The Woodcraft Group stepped in, literally, and did a fine job!

goran the recycled dragon

A spruced up Goran ready for action


Dotted all around the field throughout the day were stalls and demos covering all kinds of environment-related and healthy living topics, from the Tottington Woodlanders to the Sussex Green Living “Inspiration Eco Station” milk float, and the sprightly ‘Parcour for Seniors’ demo on the outdoor exercise kit.

Greening Steyning, Bramber & Beeding had three stalls where you could:

  • Learn how you can get stuff fixed at our monthly Repair Café.
  • Hear all about the results of the Nature Mapping Project and the new interactive map of local biodiversity hotspots our volunteers have created.


willow weaving demo

Willow weaving magic from Sally Johnstone


The final session in the Big Top tent was called “We’re all in it for nature: Celebrating and protecting local biodiversity”.   It brought together no less than seven different local organisations and projects all working to protect our local environment and fight climate change – Greening Steyning, Steyning for Trees, Steyning Downlands Scheme, Steyning Community Orchard, St Andrew’s & St Peter’s EcoChurches, and our Life on the Verge project.  Each gave a presentation on the brilliant work they are doing.

Greening Steyning premiered our brand new film showcasing our Nature Mapping Project.  Put together from a combination of stunning drone footage, some wonderful photographs, and interviews with some of the volunteers involved in creating the map, it tells the story of why and how the map was created, and what it tells us about our beautiful but threatened local ecology.

You can find out all about the Nature Mapping and see the interactive map here.

You can view the Nature Map Film here.

r6 5334

Tony Whitbread, President of Sussex Wildlife Trust, introducing the final session.


It was a truly joyful and memorable day. The take home message was one of hope, and how we can all make a difference in protecting the planet, and our piece of it in particular.

If you have a few hours to spare, there are volunteering opportunities aplenty with all the various local wildlife and green groups, not to mention a lot fun and friendship to be had in the process. So if you’re not already a volunteer or supporter of these groups, do get involved, and be part of the solution!

To see what volunteering opportunies are available with Greening Steyning, click on the button below to take a look at our online Volunteer Sign Up Form.