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Green Books is a monthly online discussion with leading environmental authors – designed to engage, educate and inspire!  The 60 minute talks give you the chance to ask the experts questions and learn about a wide range of topics from gardening to renewable energy, and biodiversity to mental health.

Talks are open to everyone – and we’ve had people logging in from all over the world.

You can sign up for a free ticket, or choose to make a small donation to cover the costs of the event, and help support the work of Greening Steyning.


Upcoming talks

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Please note that the talk planned for Thursday 7 June, with  Shamash Alidina on Mindfulness has been cancelled.

Previous Green Books talks

Tgreen books ajahn sucittohurs 7 April: Ajahn Sucitto on “Buddha-Nature, Human Nature”

What can Buddhism teach us about living simply, being happy with less and loving nature?  For the second in our Spring series of Green Books, Buddhist monk Ajahn Sucitto spoke about his inspiring book, ‘Buddha-Nature, Human Nature’.  It’s an extensive and detailed exploration of the relationship between the ‘human’ and the ‘natural’ world.

You can see a video recording here.

paul hannam green books

Thurs 3 February: Paul Hannam on “The Wisdom of Groundhog Day”

For the first in our Spring series of Green Books, we spoke with Greening Steyning’s own Paul Hannam, about his Sunday Times and Amazon bestseller book ‘The Wisdom of  Groundhog Day’.

In the book Paul explains how and why we get trapped in our versions of Groundhog Day, when we repeat the same routines, habits, thoughts, feelings and behaviours day after day. He also explores  how the world is trapped too, especially in its response to ecological and climate breakdown.

In this session of Green Books, Paul connected ecology, the social sciences, environmental science, psychology and spirituality to explain how we have created our own “Global Groundhog Day” that we need to transform as soon as possible!

You can see a video recording here.

hannah malcolm green books finalThurs 2 December:  Hannah Malcolm on “Words for a Dying World”

For the last in our autumn series of Green Books, we spoke with Hannah Malcolm, theologian, environmentalist, and editor of the book ‘Words for a Dying World: Stories of Grief and Courage from the Global Church’.

We spoke with Hannah on some fascinating topics such as climate anxiety, climate grief, spirituality, climate change in vulnerable countries and the role of the church.

You can see a video recording here.


jeremy williams green books

Thurs 18 November:  Jeremy Williams on “Climate Change: Race, privilege and the struggle for climate justice

For the November Green Books event, we teamed up with our friends at Fairer World Lindfield to talk to author and activist Jeremy Williams about his important and challenging new book: “Climate Change: Race, privilege and the struggle for climate justice”. Jeremy spoke about the connection between climate and race as well as what can be done to bring about climate justice.

You can see a video recording here.


green books henry mance

Thurs 7 October:   Henry Mance on “How to love animals in a human-shaped world”

For the first of our autumn series we we’re lucky enough to have Henry Mance joining us, to speak about his new book “How to love animals in a human-shaped world”.

With factory farming, deforestation and climate change, this is not a great time to be a non-human animal.  Henry Mance spoke about his journey exploring our relationship with animals and would take not just to think like animal-lovers, but to act like animal-lovers.   

You can see a video recording here.

rob hopkins

1 July 2021: Green Books with Rob Hopkins

For the last in the spring series of Green Books, we were lucky enough to have Rob Hopkins along to speak about his new book From What Is to What If:  Unleashing the Power of Imagination to Create the Future We Want”  Rob was one of the founders of the Transition Town movements, and the book challenges us all to re-imagine what the future could be like and we need.

You can see a video recording here.

sue stuart smith 4x3

3 June 2021 – Sue-Stuart Smith on “The Well Gardened Mind”

How can gardening relieve stress and help us look after our mental health? What lies behind the restorative power of the natural world?  For our fifth Green Books talk, Sue Stuart-Smith spoke with Paul Hannam about her new book “The Well Gardened Mind.”  The book investigates the magic that many gardeners have known for years – working with nature can radically transform our health, wellbeing and confidence.

You can see the recording on YouTube here.

windmill landscape

6 May 2021 – Chris Goodall on What We Need to Do Now

For our fourth Green Books event we spoke to leading environmental author, Chris Goodall, about his new book “What We Need To Do Now – for a Zero Carbon Future.” This urgent, practical and inspiring book signals a green new deal for Britain.  

If you missed it live, you can see the recording on YouTube here.

Green Investing Globe

1 April 2021 – Alice Ross on Investing to Save the Planet

For the third in our Green Books series, Financial Times journalist Alice Ross spoke about her new book, “Investing to save the planet:  How your money can make a difference”.

She spoke eloquently and explained how investing responsibly can be one of the most powerful ways that you can fight climate change.

If you are interested in learning more about this topic, take a look at our Beginners Guide to Green Investing.


4 March 2021 – Dave Goulson on The Garden Jungle


For our second Green Books event we had the wonderful Dave Goulson talking about his latest bestselling book  “The Garden Jungle –  Gardening to Save the Planet.”

You can watch the YouTube recording here.

Charles Dowding Talk4 February 2021 – Charles Dowding on No Dig Gardening

You can find out more and link to a recording of the talk on YouTube here.