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Gardening the Greener Way

We all need nature, but nature needs us now more than ever before.

Are you keen to garden the greener way?

By donating even a part of your gardens for wildlife you can make a difference. If you link up with neighbours’ gardens by creating wildlife corridors, like small holes in your fences, you can create an even bigger difference. We could create our own ‘community’ nature reserve in the heart of Steyning,  Upper Beeding and Bramber!

Here are five super simple things you can do in your garden to get started:

By working together we can create a wonderful sanctuary for our native wildlife to enjoy – and we’ll all reap the benefits!

Creating a wildlife garden

Further Reading

You can read the results of the 2020 Greening Steyning Garden Survey here.

We have also been lucky enough to be visited by some of the leaders in this field during our Greening Books.

For our first Green Books session, we asked gardening guru Charles Dowding to talk about his book on No Dig Gardening.  

Watch Charles Dowding on No Dig Garden on Greening Steyning’s YouTube chanel.

For our second Green Books event we had the wonderful Dave Goulson talking about his bestselling book  “The Garden Jungle – Gardening to Save the Planet.”

Watch Dave Goulson talking about his new book: The Garden Jungle on Greening Steyning’s YouTube chanel.

For our fifth Green Books talk, Sue Stuart-Smith spoke with Paul Hannam about her new book “The Well Gardened Mind.”  The book investigates the magic that many gardeners have known for years – how working with nature can radically transform our health, wellbeing and confidence.  

Watch Sue Stuart-Smith on the Well Gardened Mind on Greening Steyning’s YouTube chanel.

wildlife garden
Dave Goulson giving a Green Books Talk for Greening Steyning
Tips on how to encourage wildlife into your garden

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