Creating a Local Nature Map + AGM

Creating a Local Nature Map + AGM

Steyning Nature Mapping

Hear all about the nature mapping project and how you can get involved

Greening Steyning kicked off the New Year with the launch of an ambitious new Nature Mapping Project. The thinking behind it is simple: Unless we know what wildlife and habitats we have now, how can we protect and enhance them?

The idea is to create a up-to-date nature map of the area around Steyning, Bramber and Beeding. This will identify biodiversity hot spots and provide a baseline to track how things are changing over time. The project will involve working closely with local farmers and landowners.

The project is being led by Greening Steyning’s Biodiversity Action Group and will involve training up teams of volunteers who will go out into the countryside and record what they find.

We were joined on the night by Chris Fairbrother, from the South Downs National Park Authority, Nick Mills from Bramber Brooks Nature Reserve, and Dr Richard Black from the Sussex Wildlife Trust’s Wilder Horsham Project, as well as representatives from several other local partners were teaming up to create the map.

The talk was followed by the Greening Steyning AGM, where we shared the accounts from last year and confirmed three of the core Steering Group positions.

You can see a YouTube recording of the event here.

Nature Map Youtube

Original date of event: 7.30pm on Tuesday 26th January

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