Green Drinks: What’s your 2022 climate action plan? + AGM

Green Drinks: What’s your 2022 climate action plan? + AGM

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What’s your 2022 climate action plan?

Join us online to discuss why individual actions matter, and how we can all help contribute in pushing down global emissions and protecting biodiversity. Even small steps can make a difference – but only if we all get behind this!

We’ll be talking about the new “Climate Action Tracker” Survey we’re recently launched, which asks what concrete steps you have taken in the past year to reduce your carbon and ecological footprint, and what you plan to do in 2022.   If you’ve not filled it out yet, here’s the link:

To be on the safe side, we’ll be running the meeting on Zoom. But we want to make it as interactive as possible. So we’ll have small break-out groups so people can share their thinking on what steps they’ll be taking this year, and talk over the practical and other barriers they’ll need to get around.  We’ll also be looking for suggestions on what steps Greening Steyning could take to help people step things up.

After the main discussion, we will be holding a short Annual General Meeting (we’re aiming for 10 mins max!) to confirm the Co-Chair and Treasurer roles, and review the accounts for 2021.

Log in details and AGM papers will be shared via email ahead of the meeting.

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