EV Charging Points – Register your interest

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West Sussex County Council are beginning the rollout of a big new programme to install electric vehicle charging points around the county.  The company doing this, Connected Kerb, are focussing first on those who don’t have access to off-street parking, so can’t charge up at home.  That’s a sizeable fraction of the local population – as many as 23% according to the Sustainable Transport Survey done as part of last year’s 20mph Consultation.

They are prioritising different towns and villages based on how many people register their interest and say they want to see public charging points.  Steyning, Bramber & Beeding won’t be at the top of the list unless we let them know we’re interested.

So if you are keen on getting some charge points in your street, or a nearby public car park, now’s the time to speak up.  Just click on the button below to have your say.