Creating The Future We Want – The 2020 Cuthman Lecture

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Creating the Future we Want – A new story for ourselves, our community and our planet.

On the 15th October Paul, co-chair of Greening Steyning, author and environmentalist, was invited to give a Cuthman Lecture via Zoom. It was a great opportunity to outline the 2030 Project vision for our community.

The pandemic has enabled us to pause and reflect what matters most in our lives. During lockdown, many of us gained a renewed appreciation of our families, our friends and neighbours and our local community. Now, we have a clear choice in front of us. Do we return to the old normal or do we create a new future?

Paul is a Sunday Times bestselling author and former fellow of Oxford University where he taught environmental management. He has worked in the field of behavioural change and leadership for over 30 years as an entrepreneur, academic and consultant.

The Cuthman Lecture is a lecture in Steyning, West Sussex