Creating a positive, climate-friendly vision for 2030


The 2030 Project 

It’s been 10 years since we were set up.  At our January 28th Climate Action meeting we looked back to celebrate all that’s been achieved and the past decade (here’s a link to Geoff’s ‘Looking back’ presentation).  It’s a lot!  And it’s all thanks to the hard work and dedication of a whole army of Greening Campaign supporters.

We also began a conversation on where we go from here. Here’s a link to Paul Hannam’s inspiring forward looking presentation ‘Our Town, Our World, Our Future’We’re thinking big, as the next decade is going to be crucial if we’re to get on top of the climate crisis.  As David Attenborough put it:

“It may sound frightening, but the scientific evidence is that if we have not taken dramatic action within the next decade, we could face irreversible damage to the natural world and the collapse of our societies.”

Rather than diving straight into the “what shall we do?” details, we’ve decided we should start by stepping back and creating a shared vision for what we want Steyning, Bramber and Beeding to be like in 2030.  We want to create a positive vision for a greener, healthier, happier and more resilient community.  But we realise we can’t do this alone. If we’re going to transform our community and move towards becoming a ‘Zero Carbon’ town it’ll have to be a joint effort.

So we’re looking for ideas on how to reach out to other individuals and groups who are not currently involved in Greening Steyning but might be interested in joining forces with us. We’re thinking of schools, churches, local businesses, other voluntary organisations, clubs and societies, the Parish Council, and others.

It’s a huge challenge.  But as they say, “if not now, when?”  If you couldn’t make the meeting, here’s the flipchart notes we took down on the discussions. 

If you’d like to get involved in one of the four Action Groups we’ve set up, either as an active member or an occasional helper, please fill in this sign up form: