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A picture is worth a thousand words :  can you create some for us?

Communication is one of the biggest challenge we face in galvanising local climate action.  That’s why Greening Steyning has come up with the idea of appointing a “Cartoonist in Residence”.

We are looking for a talented illustrator/cartoonist from the local area to work with us over the coming year to turn our campaign messages into striking and amusing images that we can use to get those messages across.  This could be via posters and displays at events, but also through social media in all its forms.  We think that having some fun and compelling images could be our secret weapon in widening our audience, and especially reaching out to younger people.

So what kind of images are we talking about?

Here’s some examples we’ve come across that we like.  The first batch are by Jorge Martin who has made a speciality of telling the story of conferences and events through cartoons.   These are some he did for a climate summit a few years back.  They are really simple – but eye catching.

jorge martin collage

Another example is from the campaign organisation, Possible, which commissioned some illustrations from Imagistic for it’s recent Car Free Megacities event:

car free megacities

There’s many other styles and approaches that can be used to get messages across.  We’re looking to find some home-grown talent to work with us to sharpen our communication messages.

How the scheme will work

The details are all negotiable but the idea is to find a talented cartoonist/illustrator to work with Greening Steyning over the coming year.  We’d like to commission you to create illustrations for events we run, or projects we are launching.  This might mean joining a meeting or Zoom talk on, say, the ‘Shop Local’ theme, and coming up with some cartoons to illustrate the main messages – making it relevant, local and fun!  We will then use these in our publicity and outreach.

We’ll agree a commission for each piece, which could range from £20 for a small cartoon to £50 for a poster-sized image.  There might be an average of one commission a month over the year, but this is all up for grabs.  You’ll be credited for your work – and we’ll create a special page on the website to introduce you and your work.

Who can apply

We’re hoping to find someone local – ideally from Steyning, Bramber or Upper Beeding, or the immediate surrounding area.  That way we can get to know you and you can become part of the Greening Steyning team.

You could be professional artist or illustrator looking for some interesting work on the side.  Or an aspiring illustrator or school student looking to find some work and build a portfolio.

We’re looking for someone who can work with us, respond to a brief, but bring their ideas and inspiration to the party!

How to apply:  enter our competition

We’d like to invite you to audition by entering a competition.  We’re asking applicants to complete a cartoon based on our next event – the launch of our 20’s Plenty Campaign.  The campaing is designed to get behind the idea of introducing a 20MPH Zone throughout Steyning.  The launch event is a Zoom meeting being held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 3oth March.  You can find details of the meeting here.

You can log in to the meeting, hear what’s being discussed, and come up with your graphic interpretation of the messages we’re trying to convey about how calming our traffic would bring all sorts of benefits, and encourage people to cycle and walk more.  It could be a poster, some illustrations we could use on social media, or a cartoon strip telling a story.  Show what you can do!

You’ll have a week to complete your piece – send it to us by 6 April at the latest.  We’ll select the cartoonist we like best, and discuss ongoing arrangements for the ‘Cartoonist in Residence’ position from there.

There will be a prize of £50 for the winner, and £20 for the runner up.

If you are interested in taking part, email us on and we’ll get in touch to discuss the details.

We’re ready to be impressed!

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