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Creating sustainable transport solutions for the local area.

As part of the 2030 Project, the Transport Action Group is exploring alternative, healthier, and more sustainable ways of getting around.

Our current options of fossil fuelled private vehicles are a huge source of pollution and extremely inefficient. Our bus service simply isn’t frequent or flexible enough to be a viable replacement for anyone looking to live without a car. And our main roads are not great places for cyclists of all ages and abilities to safely use.

We will be exploring the options, weighing up potential solutions, and making positive improvements for us all to enjoy cleaner, more environmentally friendly local travel.

If you’d like to get involved in this Action Group, either as an active member or an occasional helper, please fill in the sign up form and we’ll be in contact:

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Plans for 2021

Here's what we're working on...

Bicycle LogoBig infrastructure investments obviously take time, and we can’t wave a wand and magic up a new fleet of electric buses. So we’ve decided that our initial focus will be on promoting behaviour change and supporting more active travel. That means getting people out of their cars and encouraging more biking, e-biking and walking.

Our first step will be to design a survey to find out how people are getting about now and the challenges they face. What would it take for you to walk or bike to the High Street, rather than jumping in the car? Are there bottlenecks on your route that deter you and your kids from using your bikes? How would you feel about closing the High Street once a month on Farmers’ Market days?

This is going to have to be a collaborative effort.  So while the survey is being developed, the Group is reaching out to local business and schools, as well as the Parish and County Council, to engage them in the conversation. Keep an eye on the website and newsletter for developments.


Projects & Information

We’ll be adding more information here over time, including useful resources, relevant articles and events.

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