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Creating positive change through what we buy and how we use resources

Rethink. Reuse, Repair. Recycle.

We are a friendly group of volunteers who want to support our community to reduce its impact on the planet. We collect plastics for recycling and have set up the monthly repair café.

Do come along and see us at the Farmers market or Repair café if you’d like to find out more or email

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Here’s what we’re working on


There are a number of local and not too far away shops where you can refill your containers to reduce buying new packaging.

Click here to: Find shops that provide refillables locally

If we don’t recycle our plastics, they will be burnt as refuse derived fuel. And if everyone recycled everything they could in their blue bin, West Sussex County Council would have over £2 million extra to spend on services.

Can you be a recycling champion?

Click here for: What can go in your blue bin

All soft stretchy and crinkly plastic can be taken to: the recycling bins outside the Co-Op

And this is what we collect at the Farmers market. We work in partnership with Upper Beeding primary school, Terracycle and Sussex Green Living (who raise money for the air ambulance):



Bread and cheese wrappers | Marigold gloves and their packaging | Carex packaging | Flexible laundry and dishwasher tablet packaging | Taylor’s of Harrogate packaging

Also collected in Steyning

  • Batteries can be left in a bag on top of your blue bin on collection day
  • Green and Healthy on the high street collect Brita branded water filters
  • Steyning stationers collect branded printer ink cartridges
  • Robinsons opticians collect disposable contact lens containers


And further afield


Use the links below to help you find out what you can recycle and where:

Articles & Useful Information

We’ll be adding more information here over time, including useful resources, relevant articles and events.

BN44 Community Fridge

Fighting Food Waste & Saving Money Fresh free food - twice a week! On Sept 5th 2022 were were excited to launch the BN44 Community Fridge. With the aim of cutting food waste, we collect food that has just passed...

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Sat 14 Jan – BN44 Repair Café

Don't bin it - let us help you fix it! The latest in our new series of monthly Repair Café events.  Bring along your items to repair, and anything you'd like sharpened -  like knives, scissors and garden shears. No...

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How do I? Some useful links

“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.” ― Edmund Burke   find green books for me to read find green books for my kids to read find podcasts on green issues know where...

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How can we dress for the planet?

It has been well documented how much impact the fashion industry has on our climate but also on the lives of the people employed and their local communities.  The fashion industry accounts for 10% of global...

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A Beginners Guide to Green Investment

Financial health warning!  This information is provided in good faith and does not constitute investment advice. You should fully research any of the options mentioned before investing. If you're unsure, make sure you...

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