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Warmer homes and greener energy for all

The Homes and Energy Action Group is looking at ways of helping local residents to make their homes more energy efficient, and to really get going in scaling up the local production of clean, renewable energy.

We’ve produced a range of online resources and videos to explain the option and help you get started in making your home greener and more eco-friendly.  Read on to find out more.

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Home Energy Loss

Our ageing housing stock is notoriously leaky and inefficient, leading to draughty bedrooms, damp bathrooms, and inflated energy bills.  Steyning, Bramber and Beeding are worse than the national average, according to the statistics; only a third of properties have an EPC rating of C or better, compared to 36% nationwide.  That’s terrible!   

We’ve produced a short video called How Green is My Steet – where you can see what the EPC numbers are for your street.  There’s a huge variation – which shows how much room there is for improvement.  

This is one of the real biggies when it comes to cutting carbon emissions and reaching net zero. According to the Zero Carbon Britain report, heating and hot water alone accounted for 32% of total UK energy demand in 2017. This could be cut by more than half through a comprehensive ‘retrofit’ programme to upgrade and insulate our homes. And as well as saving costs and carbon it would make them much cosier places to live.

Most of us know all this already. But somehow we don’t get around to it. We make excuses, and put if off until next year.

Let’s change all that and make this the year when we take steps to get our own house in order.

    Getting your house in order

    Some of the steps you can take are very easy – like fitting an insulation strip around a draughty window.  But others need careful thought.  Badly done cavity wall insulation can create damp problems, for example.  So you need to go into this with your eyes open.

    We’ve put together a range of information resources to help homeowners get started.  Click on the link that matches your situation best:

    Would you like to help out?

    If you’re interested in home energy savings and would like to get involved in the Homes and Energy Action Group, either as an active member or an occasional helper, we’d love to hear from you.   The group meets monthly to talk about project ideas, and how we can reach out and help local people get started on home energy improvements.   Just fill in the Action Group sign up form and we’ll be in touch:


    Keep an eye on the website for latest details, or sign up to our regular newsletter by filling in your details at the bottom of this page.

    Articles & Information

    We’ll be adding more information here over time, including case studies, videos and events.

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    Green Homes Grant Scheme

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