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We have a vision. A vision of a wildlife rich environment in which there is a careful balance between us and all the other creatures we share our world with.

When the ‘State of Nature 2019’ report was published two years ago, it made sombre reading. It looked back over fifty years of monitoring to see how nature had changed in the UK, with a particular focus on the last ten years.

Of the 696 species monitored, the indicator shows there has been a decline of 13% in average abundance since 1970 and over the last ten years a drop of 6%.

With accelerating climate change the future for our wildlife appears even bleaker.  

We are the problem. You and I are the cause of the catastrophic decline in biodiversity that our planet is facing.

But we are also the solution. We can turn this situation around by working together to protect what is left, reverse the damage that has been done and rebuild this amazing world we are a part of.

We are at the beginning of a race to save our world. With small steps to start with, we are out to win a marathon.


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