The 2030 Project

Globe vision

Creating the future we want

Amidst all the disruption and uncertainty created by the coronavirus there have been a few upsides. Many of us have had time to reflect on what really matters to us, and appreciate even more our local environment and the community we’re in.  As we begin to emerge from lockdown, let’s seize this opportunity to create the future we want, rather than going back to business as usual.

With the climate and ecological emergencies staring us in the face, we feel we need to take decisive action.  The challenge we set was ambitious: how can we make ours one of the greenest, healthiest and most sustainable communities in the UK?

We’re calling it The 2030 Project.

We certainly can’t do this alone.

Greening Steyning is taking the lead in launching the 2030 Project. But we’re hoping to engage the whole community to get it off the ground. 

2030 Vision Survey: sketching out the roadmap

Building a consensus on which direction to head

The survey has now closed and the results are in…

2030 project steyning & district emerging vision graphic

About the Survey

The original plan was to invite representatives from all sectors of the community to a ‘Visioning Event’ scheduled for March 2020 at the Steyning Centre.  Local schools, Parish Councils, churches, businesses, and other clubs and societies all agreed to take part.  Then the Covid crisis struck, and we had to postpone.

Three months on, the possibility of public meetings was still months away. So we relaunched the process with an online survey. The 2030 Vision Survey was designed to gather people’s thinking on what they would like to future to look like.

We tested forty different ideas across six key areas – transport, homes, energy, shopping, biodiversity and the local economy.  The survey also asked how people’s priorities had changed as a result of the lockdown, as this has caused many to think afresh about what is most important to them.

We were delighted with the response. Over 450 people completed the survey, across all age groups, with many saying they would like to stay in touch and get involved.

The results showed a remarkable degree of consensus. It was clear that people are looking for genuine, positive change and are ready to work together to build a healthier, happier, low carbon future.  Click on the links to see either a two page Summary of the results, or the Full Survey Report.  Or if you’d like to dig into the details, we’ve produced a series of in depth reports on each of the themes in the survey.

What happened next?

We set up a series of four Action Groups to take forward these ideas and come up with concrete plans. These are now all up and running and cover:

We now have enthusiastic groups of volunteers working in each of these groups.  If you’d like to get stuck in and make things happen yourself, please fill in this short questionnaire and we’ll be in touch:

Lockdown Stories

Share your Lockdown Stories

Alongside the 2030 Survey, we’re encouraging people to share their personal experiences of lockdown and their hopes for the future.

There’s two ways you can do this:

  1. By submitting photos, videos, poems and other contributions via this special web page on our new website. 
  2. Using Instagram, with the hashtags #steyning2030, #bramber2030 or #upperbeeding2030