2024 Climate Hustings Debate


On June 26th 2024 Greening Steyning organised a BBC Question Time style hustings debate focusing on climate and environment issues. You can see a full video of the debate here.

And you can see some photographs of the night here.

The debate involved all six of the candidates in Arundel and South Downs Constituency:

Richard Allen (Liberal Democrat)

Andrew Griffith (Conservative)

Steve McAuliffe (Green)

Chris Philipsborn (Labour)

David Thomas (Reform UK)

Mike Smith (Social Democratic Party)

You can see a brief profile of all the candidates here.

The debate was chaired by Averil Sessions, an experienced former barrister and immigration judge, and was organised in collaboration with Steyning Grammar School.

Participants were invited to submit questions to the panel by filling in a question form. The final list of questions was chosen by a small committee including the debate chair, and representatives of Greening Steyning and Steyning Grammar School.